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U.S. Coast Guard Day 2021: Date, History and Significance

Shikha Goyal

U.S. Coast Guard Day 2021: The day honour the establishment of the U.S. Coast Guard and the courageous work of the service members of the Coast Guard.

It is an internal event celebration for active and reserve Coast Guard members, their civilian employees, retirees and members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary. Coast Guard also participates in Armed Forces Week and Armed Forces Day.

Coast Guard Day: History

The United States Coast Guard was established on 4 August, 1790 by Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton and later on known as the Revenue Marine. Let us tell you that Alexander Hamilton authorised the construction of ten vessels which is known as Revenue Service cutters. They were intended to enforce the earliest United States tariff laws.

The Coast Guard that we see today went with several changes. The Congress Act was signed by President Woodrow Wilson and converted into law. According to this law, the Revenue Marine was combined with another agency known as the United States Life-Saving Service with the intent of having a single entity responsible for maritime law enforcement and life-saving.

What happened after the merger of the Coast Guard?

After merger and consolidation, it grows larger. The merger took place in 1915 and changed the name to the United States Coast Guard. At that time computers were also not much in demand, no GPS system or none other electronic navigation was there. One of the Coast Guards duties at that time was the maintenance of America's navigation aids like the operation of lighthouses along the coasts.

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In 1939, President Franklin Roosevelt and Congress approved the transfer of the operations of the United States Lighthouse Service to Coast Guard authority. After few years, the Department of Commerce Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation was also transferred to the auspices of the Coast Guard and provide with the authority of merchant marine operations.

Let us tell you that The Coast Guard of the United States was operated for 177 years as a function of the U.S. Treasury Department. But the Coast Guard was placed under the Department of Transportation in 1967 where it would remain a long time until it was transferred again into the newly created Department of Homeland Security in 2003.

About today's Coast Guard

It still operates under the Department of Homeland Security. When the United States navy shows the requirement of the Coast Guard at that time it was transferred to them mainly during times of war. Several functions are performed by the Coast Guard uniformed and volunteer members including safety, rescue operations, training, community involvement and non-military or non-enforcement operations for volunteers and civilians.

During the time of Hurricane Katrina, an example was cited by the Coast Guards and showed its importance. The U.S. Coast Guard operations in the disaster saved more than thirty thousand people and more than half of those were rescued from extremely dangerous situations.

Coast Guard is also known for its multi-mission, maritime, military service and the smallest of the five Armed Services. Its main aim is to protect the public, the environment and U.S. economic interests in the nation’s waterways. It also provides protection along the coast, on international waters or in any maritime region whenever support is required for national perspective.

How is Coast Guard Day celebrated?

Thousands of events are performed in honour of the Coast Guard in America. People are involved in it and show their support. Various messages were also posted on social media using #NationalCoastGuardDay. Coast Guard units in the United States plan picnics and do informal sports competitions with family members, friends. In fact, Grand Haven which is also known by the act of Congress as Coast Guard City, USA, every year on Coast Guard day sponsors the Coast Guard Festival during the week of 4 August. 

Several communities celebrate Coast Guard Day like the City of Eureka, California hosts a Coast Guard Ball etc.

So now you may have come to know about the U.S. Coast Guard Day which is celebrated every year on 4 August to honour the services given by the Coast Guard.

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