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What is the difference between CBI and CID?

Tulika Tandon

The Crime Investigation Department and Central Bureau of Investigation are often confused with one another. These two departments of the Government involved solving cases involving crime. The two departments of the Government however are very different from one another. Find out in the article below.

Crime Investigation Department (CID):

It was established in 1902 by the British Government in India. It is a statewide organization that investigates and deals with the supervision and control of criminal offences. This branch is investigated by an officer who is the rank of Deputy Inspector General of DIG.

The branches of CID include:

  1. Finger Print Bureau
  2. CB-CID
  3. Anti-Narcotics Cell
  4. Anti-Human Trafficking & Missing Persons Cell
  5. Anti-Terrorism Squad
  6. Handwriting and Photographic Bureau
  7. Dog Squad

Central Bureau of Intelligence (CBI):

The Central Bureau of Investigations is a Central Government agency which was established in 1941. 

The roots of CBI is Special Police Establishment (SPE) under Delhi Special Police Establishment Act, 1946.CBI was established in 1941 and was named the Central Bureau of Investigation in April 1963. Its headquarters are in New Delhi and it is placed under the control of the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, Government of India

The divisions of CBI include:

  1. Anti-corruption division
  2. Economic Offences Division
  3. Administration division
  4. Special crimes division

Difference between CBI and CID:



CID is a department of the Indian state police.

CBI is an investigating agency of the Central Government.

It was established in1902 by the British Government on the recommendation of the Police Commission

CBI was established in1941 as a Special Police Establishment (SPE)

It is involved in investigating the offences committed within the state only.

It is involved in investigating the offences of national or international interest

This department takes up sensitive, and complicated cases

The major forte of this branch is corruption cases, economic, special and other cases.

Handed over by the State government and High court.

Handed over by the Central Government, Supreme Court and High Court.

The candidate can join CID through the state police force, based on the service record of which he/she can be promoted to the concerned department. He/she can also qualify the Civil Services examination or UPSC CSE.

The selection for CBI is done through Civil Services exam. The candidate has to qualify it, and become an IPS officer, to become a group A officer in CBI. The candidate can also become a Sub-Inspector in CBI, by passing the SSC CGL examination

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