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What is the difference between COVID-19 Variants of Omicron & Delta?

Tulika Tandon

The World Health Organization, WHO has declared the recently discovered strain of COVID 19, B.1.1.529 as a variant of concern. It has been renamed Omicron. It was first detected in Southern Africa.  WHO  has informed that the countries that Omicron variant is more dangerous than Delta variant. Know the difference between the Omicron & Delta variants below. 

The world had just begun with its normalcy after 18-20 months when this virus variant has been reported. This variant has left the scientific community baffled. Check here the differences between the delta variant and the new Omicron variant of Covid 19 so that you can be better prepared for this variant. 

The readers must note that this variant (Omicron) is said to be deadlier than the Delta variant of Covid19 and those vaccinated may also be affected by it. 

What is the difference between Omicron and Delta Variant?

The recently discovered variant of Covid 19 called Omicron, is speculated to be more troublesome than the Delta variant. 

Delta Variant

Omicron Variant

Delta variant is known as B.1.617.2

Omicron Variants scientific name is B.1.1.529

Delta was first reported in India

Omicron variant was first reported in Southern Africa

Delta Plus Variant was a variant of concern but not Delta

Omicron is a Variant of Concern. It was first reported on November 24.

The Delta Plus variant has acquired the spike protein mutation called K417N which is also found in the Beta variant first identified in South Africa.

Omicron carries a high number of mutations in its spike protein, which has the main role in the virus' entry into cells in the human body. The B.1.1.529 variant has 50 mutations, which has more than 30 mutations on the spike protein which is the target of most current Covid vaccines.

Delta Plus was present in almost 12 countries. It was first reported in Mysuru.

The Omicron variant is found in 6 countries now.

Delta was not very heavily mutated.

Omicron is the most mutated virus till now.

Delta variant can be controlled by vaccine

Omicron variant has lower chances of being controlled by the present vaccines

The World Health Organization has said that it would take a few weeks to finally get to know the virus and its mutations.

WHO would be discussing the Omicron virus and would also discuss if it would be officially designated a variant of concern. The strain has been seen to affect Botswana, Isreal, Malawi, Hong Kong etc. 

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Has WHO-approved of Covaxin COVID-19 vaccine?

World Health Organization has granted approval for emergency use to India's government-backed Covid-19 vaccine, Covaxin.

Where was the Omicron variant found in the world?

The Omicron variant of Covid19 was found in Botswana, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Belgium.

Where was the Omicron variant first detected?

The Omicron variant was first detected in Botswana. It was sent to Europe to be studied.

Will there be new variants of COVID 19?

Yes, the virus can mutate every time it is transmitted from one person to another which can lead to new variants.

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