Do you know about World's First Solar Powered Train

The 21st century world is moving towards energy efficient and energy saving mode of industrialisation because the traditional sources of energy like coal and natural gases lead to pollution and global warming. Recently, Byron Bay Railroad Company of Australia has created World's first solar powered train. It won't give a puff of smoke, no requirement of web of wires and certainly not gives the smell of coal and oil. It is operating on the New South Wales North Coast, Australia.

Interesting Facts about World's First Solar Powered Train

1. Multi-Millionaire Businessman Brain Flannery was the man behind the project who owns the resort in the area of Byron Bay.

2. The 70 tonne train has been powered by 6.5 Kilowatts of solar power panel on its roof that charges a big lithium battery.

3. It has a two-carriage which can carry 100 passengers and completes one round-trip journey in one hour.

4. The train stations are equipped with solar panels on the roof for the emergency energy requirement.

5. The entire cost of the project is around $4 Million.

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6. Previously, train had two diesel engines (1949 built 600 class railcar) which have been replaced by lithium batteries and an electric motor.

7.  The train runs purely on clean energy — solar panels on its roof and at pit stops provide all of the power needed for its 3 kilometre (1.9 miles) route.

8. The trains operate between the North Beach station and Byron Beach station. Hence, it contains room for bikes, prams and surfboard, which can be carried free of charge.

9. A ride cost: Passenger aged 0-5 years is free; aged 6-13 is $2; and beyond aged of 14 is $3.

The Solar powered train seems to the answers to our energy crisis and climate change because while generating electricity, it does not release any emission. This project reveals that solar energy (renewable energy) is one of the effective tools in the fighting climate change and energy crisis.

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