Do you know the difference between Architecture and Sculpture

We often confused with the meanings and connotations of Sculpture and Architecture. Actually, both are different in their meanings. Sculpture is derived from Proto-Indo-European (PIE) root 'kel' which means 'to cut or cleave'. Sculptures are smaller art works, either handmade or with tolls and are more related to aesthetics than engineering and measurements. On the other hand, the word architecture is derived from the Latin word 'tekton' which means builder. So as soon as the early man began to build their shelter to live, the science of architecture started.


1. It is a branch of philosophy of art, dealing with aesthetic value of architecture, its semantics and relations with development of culture.

2. It refers to the design and construction of buildings.

3. It is generally uses a mixture of various type materials like stone, wood, glass, metal, sand etc.

4. It involves the study of engineering and engineering mathematics. It requires detailed and accurate measurements.

5. It is visible in both exterior and interior part of the structure.

6. It includes project brief, design, drawing and implementation.

7. It is made from several materials, such as stone, wood, glass, brass, steel and other metals are used in the construction of a building.

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1. It is a key indicator of the cultural achievements of Classical Antiquity.

2. It is smaller 3-dimensional work of art.

3. It is usually made of a single type of material.

4. It involves creativity and imagination. It may not depend as heavily on accurate measurements.

5. It is visible only exterior part of the structure.

6. It includes carving, modelling or casting.

7. For example, a three-dimensional work of art such as a statue.

8. It is made from a single piece of stone or wood or any other material for that matter.

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