Do you know the difference between Simon Commission Report and Nehru Report

The Government of British India has been implementing the Act from time to time to check the functioning of government and improve the administration system. In this context, Simon Commission was constituted under the leadership of Sir John Simon to look into the functioning of the constitutional system in India and suggest changes.

Nehru report was the first major Indian effort to draft a constitutional framework for the country. This report, issued in August 1928, was a strong response given by the leadership of the Indian National Congress to challenge the inability of the Government of the British Government to make a constitution unfit.

Difference between Simon Commission Report and Nehru Report

Simon Commission Report

Nehru Report

1. India was not recommended to give given Dominion status.

1. India would be given Dominion status. This means independence within the British Commonwealth.

2. This report opposes the establishment of responsible governance in the Central Provinces.

2. This report recommended the establishment of responsible governance in the Central Provinces.

3. Governor-General will act on the advice of the executive council. It was to be collectively responsible to the parliament.

3. This report recommended that Governor General of India would be the constitutional head of India and will have the same powers as that of the British Crown.

4. It was recommended to continue the electoral process on the communal basis.

4. This report recommended that there should be a Federal form of Government in India with Residuary powers to be vested in the Centre. There will be no separate electorate for minorities because it awakens communal sentiments, therefore it should be scrapped and the joint electorate should be introduced”.

There will be no reserved seats for communities in Punjab and Bengal. However, reservation of Muslim seats could be possible in the provinces where Muslim population should be at least ten percent.

5. This report would not define the citizenship and fundamental rights.

5. This report had drowned an inspiration from the American bill of rights which laid to the foundation of Fundamental Rights provision in the Indian Constitution.

6. It would not recommend for direct election on the basis of adult franchise.

6.This report recommended to conduct a direct election on the basis of adult franchise.

Simon Commission instead of satisfying the aspirations of India created problems for the Indians. There was no Indian member of this commission. So, leaders started the Anti-Simon or Simon Go Back Movement in its response. Nationalist leaders called it all Whiteman’s Commission. Indian Nationalist states that, the commission without India, how can the commission address the grievances of the commoners.

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