What is e-Cigarette and why is it banned in India?

The Union Cabinet has decided to ban the production, sale, export, import, advertising, storage of the e-cigarettes in the country since 18 September 2019. But do you know that what is the e-cigarette and why is it banned by the central government in the country?

Meaning of e-Cigarettes

E-cigarette (electronic cigarette) is a device that looks like an ordinary cigarette. The exterior of the e-cigarette is made similar to cigarettes and cigars. An electronic cigarette is a battery-powered device that converts the nicotine solution into a mist that can be inhaled into the lungs. E-cigarette does not contains tobacco.

e-cigarette gives the feeling of real cigarettes to the inhalers. Some brands use formaldehyde in e-cigarettes, which is extremely dangerous and carcinogenic.

Is e-Cigarette harmful?

Professor of Tobacco Addiction at King's College London; N McNeill says that "When people smoke tobacco cigarettes, they carry 7,000 components of smoke inside them, out of which 70 are considered to be cancer-causing. These elements are either in small quantity or not in e-cigarettes. So we can say that e-cigarettes are lesser harmful than tobacco cigarettes.

But it is true that e-cigarettes are also harmful. e-cigarette smoking can damage lung cells. E-cigarettes are harmful to gums and teeth as tobacco cigarettes. 

According to some researches, people who use e-cigarettes are more prone to experience the heart attack and doubles the chances of depression. Even the long time use of e-cigarettes can also cause blood clotting problems and cancer.

Punishment for e-Cigarette’s rule violators

The first time violators of the rules made for prohibition of e-cigarettes can be fined with  one lakh rupees and one year punishment. This punishment and fine will be 3 year jail and fine of 5 lac rupees respectively for the repeated offenders.

So from the above description it is clear that e-Cigarettes are also harmful for the health. Perhaps that is the reason that the central government has banned in completely in the country.

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