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Entrepreneurship Skill Development Programme (ESDP): Objective, Eligibility, Nature of Assistance and Implementation

Entrepreneurship Skill Development Programme (ESDP): It is an entrepreneurship scheme that nurtures the talent of youth by enlightening them on several aspects of industrial or commercial activity that are required for setting up MSEs. 

Or we can say that the scheme assists to improve skills and gain knowledge in business. As we know that the economic development of India or the enhancement in any sector mainly depends upon the youth of the nation. Therefore, an awareness has been generated for self-employment with an emphasis on the necessity for the emergence of entrepreneurship in MSMEs.

For whom Entrepreneurship Skill Development Programme (ESDP) is conducted?

These programmes are conducted for youth and people interested to line up their own industrial/self-employment venture. Several activities are also organised in ITIs, Polytechnics, and other technical institutions/business schools, where skill/talent is available to motivate them towards self-employment.

Entrepreneurship and Skill Development Programme (ESDP): Objective

The main objective behind the scheme is to motivate youth representing various sections of the society like SC/ST/Women, differently-abled, Ex-servicemen, and BPL persons to consider self-employment or entrepreneurship as one of the career options. It also fosters new enterprises, capacity building of existing MSMEs, and generating entrepreneurial culture within the country.

 Entrepreneurship and Skill Development Programme (ESDP): Nature of Assistance

Below are mentioned the activities conducted under the ESDP scheme:
1.  Industrial Motivational Campaign (IMC)
2. Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme (EAP) 
3. Entrepreneurship-cum-Skill Development Programme (E-SDP) 
4. Management Development Programme (MDP)

What is the National Mobility Card?

Industrial Motivational Campaign (IMC): It's organised for one or two days. The motive behind this is to identify and motivate traditional or non-traditional entrepreneurs having the potential for setting up MSEs to guide them towards self-employment. 

Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme (EAP): It is organised regularly to nourish the talent of youth by enlightening them on several aspects of commercial or industrial activity required for setting up MSEs. Generally, these EAPs are conducted in ITIs, Polytechnics, and other technical institutions to provide skills for motivating them towards self-employment. 

The course content of EAP's is designed to give information on product/project, selection and project profile preparation, marketing avenues or techniques, product or service pricing, export opportunities, infrastructure facilities available, financial, etc.

Entrepreneurship-cum-Skill Development Programme (E-SDP): To upgrade skills of prospective entrepreneurs, existing workforce and also to develop skills of new workers and technicians of MSEs, comprehensive training programmes with several technical cum skill development training programmes are organised. The main objective behind this is to provide training for their skill up-gradation and to equip with better and improved technological skills of production. It is organised in several regions of the states including less developed states.

Management Development Programme (MDP): The objective behind this programme is to deliver training on management practice systems to enhance the decision-making capabilities of existing & potential entrepreneurs resulting in higher productivity and profitability. Several inputs on different topics of managerial functions are provided to the participants in short duration training programmes. 

These types of programmes are of short duration and the curriculum designed is based on the needs of the industry and are customised, if required by the clients. Here to note is that 20% of the targeted training programmes are conducted mainly for the weaker sections of the society (SC/ST/Women/Physically Handicapped) and for this there are no fees. Also, a stipend of Rs 500 per month is provided. 

The above-mentioned programmes or activities will be conducted via Implementing Agencies (IAs) that is MSME-DIs & MSME-TCs under the Office of Development Commissioner (MSME); Ministries, Departments, organizations or, Corporations, PSUs, agencies under the administrative control of Central/State Governments, as approved by the Empowered Committee headed by AS & DC(MSME) from time to time. 

By the end of the financial year, respective lAs (other than MSME-Dls) will be responsible for submitting utilization certificates for grants or funds issued to them. Altogether 40% of the targeted beneficiaries of EAPs and E-SDPs should be Women. If needed, special programmes for women beneficiaries can be organized

Who can apply for the Entrepreneurship and Skill Development Programme (ESDP)?

People including youth and others who are interested to set up their own industrial or business or self-employment venture. Implementing agencies decide the qualification of the participants and the structure of the fees. The participants' age will be 18 years and above. 

How to apply for the Entrepreneurship and Skill Development Programme (ESDP)?

Those who want to apply can contact the nearby MSME Development institute, MSME-Technology Centre. 

Entrepreneurship and Skill Development Programme (ESDP): Implementation of the Scheme

The process of implementation of the scheme are as follows:

1. The proposals of Implementation Agencies (IAs) shall be submitted to the O/o DC MSME. It is up to the empowered Committee under the chairmanship of AS&DC to consider or reject the proposal.

2. IMCs (Industrial Motivational Campaign) will be allocated. It is to be noted that at least one IMC per district to be organised in association with industry Clusters or Associations and social enterprises.

3. As per the needs two week EAP  (Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme) or Six week Product-cumProcess focused Entrepreneurship-cum-Skill Development Programme (E-SDPs) may be organised. They are organised at places having potential for Enterprise/Industrial development, in association with Industry Associations and Social enterprises active in that district.

4. Several State Government Industry Department/DICs and other Government industrial development agencies and financial institutions/KVI/Panchayati Raj Institutions like industrial/cluster associations, social enterprises/Udyam Sathi & Udyam Sakhi Volunteers will be associated to the possible extent.

5. MDP are going to be conducted for existing entrepreneurs/enterprises/Industrial Clusters as a tool for their capacity building and HR development.

6. On the integrated MIS a database of the guest faculty shall also be maintained.

7. In advance a panel of guest faculty shall be selected and shall get approved with the programme calendar from DC Office. Guest faculty could also be academicians, successful entrepreneurs, faculty of the technical institutions, financial or management or legal experts, Master Craft-persons and Govt/Semi-govt/PSEs/Bank officials.

8. From the MIS database, a certificate of participation shall be issued to the participants who have 80% or more attendance.

9. There will be a feedback mechanism in the MIS where the participants of the training programme and the other stakeholders may post their comments on the training programmes organised. The Director/Nodal Officer shall be responsible for monitoring the feedback received and take appropriate action on the same.

10. Action taken report of the feedback received and action taken shall be uploaded on the MIS on a real-time basis by the IAs.

So, now you may have come to know about the Entrepreneurship and Skill Development Programme (ESDP), its objectives, salient features, eligibility, nature of the assistance, implementation etc.


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