Facts about India's Northernmost Point "Indira Col”

The extreme east point of India is near Kibithu in Anjaw district of Arunachal Pradesh while extreme west point is Sir Creek in Kutch, near the “Guhar Moti” in Gujarat, the most northern point of India is Indira Col and the southernmost point is “Indira Point” in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

The Indira Col is situated at the altitude of 5,764 metres or 18,911 ft in the Siachen Muztagh in the Karakoram Range. There are two Col in this region; one is eastern and another is western. Eastern Col was named Indira Col in 1912 by Bullock Workman, after one of the names of the goddess Lakshmi. The term Indira Col has also been given to another, higher col 2.4 km further east on the Indira Ridge at altitude of 5,988 metres or 19,646 ft.

Let us come to know some interesting points about India Col:

1. Indira Col is situated in the west from 3 km of Sia Kangri, the summit has the boundary of India, Pakistan, and China.

2. If you are thinking that the Indira Col is named on the name of our late Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi then sorry to say that you are wrong because India Col was named by the “Bulk Workman” in 1912 in the name of one of the names of Goddess Lakshmi.

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3. Colonel Narendra "Bull" Kumar reached West Indira Col in 1981, while Harish Kapadia reached at same Col in 1998.

4. The average winter snowfall is more than 35 ft and temperatures can dip upto −50 °C in this region.

5. The southern side of the Indira Col is claimed by both India and Pakistan but this area is controlled by the India.  
The land to the north of Indira Col is part of the Trans-Karakoram Tract, controlled by China under a 1963 border agreement with Pakistan but claimed by India.

6. The distance between India's northernmost point (Indira Cole) and the southernmost point-mainland (Kanyakumari) is 3,065 KM.

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