First Film of Different Languages of India

India has one of the oldest and largest film industries in the world. The Indian film industry is diverse just like Indian Culture. Indian film industry means Hindi films, regional movies and art cinema. Every year thousands of movies are produced in India. The Indian film industry is supported mainly by a vast film-going Indian public, though Indian films have been gaining increasing popularity in the rest of the world, especially in countries with large numbers of emigrant Indians.

First Film of Different Languages of India

1. Hindi

Name of Film: Raja Harishchandra

Year: 1913

It is silent film, directed and produced by Dadasaheb Phalke. This film was commercial successful and laid the foundation of the film industry in India. It was completed in six months and 27 days to produce a film of 3,700 feet, about four reels.

2. Kannada

Name of Film: Sati Sulochana

Year: 1934

It is the first talkie film, directed by Y.V Rao. This movie was based on the Ramayana character Sulochana.

3. Tamil

Name of Film: Keechaka Vadham

Year: 1917

It is the first south Indian silent film. It was directed, filmed and edited by R Nataraja Mudalier.

4. Telugu

Name of Film: Bhishma Pratigya

Year: 1921

It is the first Telugu silent movie, produced by Raghupathi Venkaiah Naidu (father of Telugu cinema).

5. Malayalam

Name of Film: Vigathakumaran

Year: 1920

6. Assamese

Name of Film: Joymoti

Year: 1935

It is the first Indian film to have used Dubbing and Re-recording Technology, and the first to engage with "realism" and politics in Indian cinema.

7. Bangla

Name of Film: Bilwamangal

Year: 1919

It was silent black-and-white film directed by Rustomji Dhotiwala, a Parsi Gujarati based on the story by Gujarati writer Champshi Udeshi.

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8. Gujarati

Name of Film: Narsinh Mehta

Year: 1932

This film was based on the life of the saint-poet Narsinh Mehta.

9. Marathi

Name of Film: Shree Pundalik

Year: 1912

It was the first feature-length Indian film, produced and directed by Dadasaheb Torne alias Rama Chandra Gopal.

10. Odia

Name of Film: Sita Bibaha

Year: 1936

This film was based on the epic story Ramayana, directed by Mohan Sundar Deb Goswami.

11. Punjabi

Name of Film: Heer Ranjha

Year: 1932

It was first named as Hoor Punjab but then director of this film A.R Kardar changed its name to Heer Ranjha.

12. Konkani

Name of Film: Mogacho Aunddo

Year: 1950

It was produced by AL Jerry Braganza. It is the only film to be made in Portuguese-ruled India.

13. Bhojpuri

Name of Film: Hey Ganga Maiyya Tohe Piyari Chadhaibo

Year: 1963

This film was directed by Kundan Kumar and produced by Bishwanath Prasad Shahabadi on behest of the first president of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad. It is based on widow remarriage.

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14. Tulu

Name of Film: Enna Thangadi

Year: 1971

It was directed by R Rajan.

15. Badaga

Name of Film: Kaala Tapitha Payilu

Year: 1979

16. Kosli

Name of Film: Bhookna

Year: 1989

17. Kashmiri

Name of Film: Mainz Raat

Year: 1964

It was directed by Jagjiram Pal.

18. Rajasthani

Name of Film: Nijarano

Year: 1942

It is the first movie made in Rajasthani language. Whereas Babasa Ri Ladli was the first Rajasthaani movie with songs filmed in colour.

19. Garhwali

Name of Movie: Jagwal

Year: 1983

It was made in 1983 by Parasar Gaur.

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