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GK Question and Answer: Indian Census 2011

Hemant Singh

It is being observed in the different examinations that questions based on Census 2011 are asked every year. So we have prepared a questionnaire of 10 questions based on the census 2011 in this article. Hope this quiz will be helpful for contestants preparing for IAS / PCS / SSC / CDS and other competitive exams.

1. Which statement is false about the census 2011?

(A) India's population density is 382

(B) After the 1991 census the highest sex ratio has been in 2011

(C) Between 2001 and 2011 female literacy has increased more than men

(D) In the census 2011, Arunachal Pradesh has highest rural population (in percentage)

Answer D

Explanation: In the census 2011, Himachal Pradesh has highest percentage of rural population.

2. According to Census 2011, correct descending order of states in terms of density of population is……

(A) Bihar <Bengal <Kerala

(B) Bihar <Bengal <Kerala

(C) Bengal <Bihar <Kerala

(D) Kerala <Bihar <Bengal

Answer A

Explanation: Bihar (1106), Bengal (1028), Kerala (860)

3.  Which of the following states has highest female literacy in India?

(A) Tamil Nadu

(B) Kerala

(C) Puducherry

(D) Meghalaya

Answer B

Explanation: Kerala

4. As per Census 2011, which of the following Union Territories has lowest population growth in India?

(A) Puducherry

(B) Chandigarh

(C) Lakshadweep

(D) Delhi

Answer C

Explanation: Lakshadweep's population growth was at the lowest 6.30%.

5. According to Census 2011, how much percent of India's population lives in Bihar?

(A) 16.50%

(B) 11.52%

(C) 13.21%

(D) 8.60%

Answer D

Explanation: India has 8.60% population of Bihar.

6. Which of the following states has the highest difference between female and male literacy?

(A) Tamil Nadu

(B) West Bengal

(C) Arunachal Pradesh

(D) Kerala

Answer C

Explanation: Arunachal Pradesh: Male Literacy (72.6%) and Female Literacy (57.7 &)

7. Which of the following statements is wrong?

(A) According to Census 2011 female literacy in India is 64.63%

(B) Female literacy is equal in Punjab and Manipur

(C) Uttar Pradesh accounts for 22% of the total population of India

(D) Most sex ratio in India was in the 1901 census

Answer C

Explanation: In Uttar Pradesh, the total population of India is 16.50%.

8. Which state has largest rural population in India?

(A) Himachal Pradesh

(B) Arunachal Pradesh

(C) Bihar

(D) Madhya Pradesh

Answer A

Interpretation: Himachal Pradesh

9. According to Census 2011, how much percentages of India's population lives in cities?

(A) 27.80%

(B) 31.14%

(C) 23.3%

(D) 36.20%

Answer B

Explanation: 31.14% Indian population lives in cities.

10. According to Census 2011, which is the third most populous state in India?

(A) Maharashtra

(B) Bengal

(C) Andhra Pradesh

(D) Bihar

Answer D

Explanation: Bihar is the third most populous state. Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra are on first and second position.

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