Gk Questions & Answers on Computer Science Set VII

Gk Questions & Answers on Computer Science Set VII consist of 10 MCQs are created while keeping in mind the relevance of the subject and its importance for an examination point of view. These MCQs helps the aspirant in the preparation of examinations like UPSC-Prelims, CDS, NDA, State-PSC, SSC, Railways etc. It will concretise the reading experience of aspirants who are aspiring for cracking different competitive exams.

1. Which is memory management scheme by which computer stores and retrieve data from second storage for use in main memory?

A. Jumper

B. Baseband

C. Latency

D. Paging

Ans: D

2. An identity theft scheme in computer is known as?

A. Vishing

B. Fhishing

C. Phishing

D. Jacking

Ans: C

3. Which out of the following is a Dos based operating system?

A. Commodore DOS



D. All of the above

Ans: D

4. What is used out of the following to change windows start up option?

A. MScongfig

B. Ipconfig

C. Powercfg

D. Pathping

Ans : A

5. Out of the following which is not a function of DNS?

A. Hold data base for web servers

B. Redirect users to another URL when a company changes its web address

C. Stores files uploaded by web users to detect malicious software

D. None of the above

Ans : B

6. How to reset the BIOS password if you lose it?

A. By removing battery for short while

B. Erasing the data

C. Restarting PC

D. It cannot be reset

Ans : A

7.  What is Fedora?

A. A text editor.

B. A web server

C. An operating system based on the Linux kernel

D. A graphics library for Java

Ans : C

8. Which out of the following tool can be used for customizing windows interface?

A. Tweak UI


C. Goodput UI


Ans: A

9. Which out of the following is an example of web thin clients?

A. Chrome book

B. Subnotebook


D. Setun

Ans: A

10. Which command will show all the connections to your computer?

A. Recamp-img

B. Telnet

C. Netstat

D. Cipher

Ans: C


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