GK Quiz on Sports: Cricket Set I

GK Quiz on Sports: Cricket Set I that will attune and equipped the aspirants of different competitive examination according to new trend of mixing traditional and untraditional questions.

1. Game of cricket was invented by.........

A. England

B. India

C. Australia

D. Pakistan

Ans: A

2. Cricket grew out of.............

A. hockey

B. volleyball

C. stick and ball games

D. baseball

Ans: C

3. Early cricket bats were shaped like.........

A. Hockey sticks

B. flat sticks

C. rackets

D. curved outwards

Ans: A

4. First written laws of cricket were in

A. 1474

B. 1447

C. 1774

D. 1744

Ans: D

5. Where and when was the world's first cricket club formed?

A. Hambledon 1760s

B. Marylebone 1760s

C. London 1670s

D. Melbourne 1760s

Ans: A

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6. Cricket is a...............

A. post industrial sport

B. 19th century sport

C. pre industrial sport

D. 20th century sport

Ans: C

7. The first among Indian communities to set up a cricket club

A. Parsis

B. Hindus

C. Muslims

D. Christians

Ans: A

8. Spread of the game cricket was confined to...........

A. British colonies

B. Australia and New Zealand

C. Africa and West Indies

D. Third World

Ans: A

9. West Indies won its first Test series against England in.........

A. 1930

B. 1949

C. 1950

D. 1960

Ans: C

10. In Ranji Trophy teams represent.............

A. regions

B. communities

C. races

D. religions

Ans: A

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