GK Quiz on Sports: Hockey

Hockey is a sport in which two teams play against each other by trying to maneuver a ball or a puck into the opponent's goal using a hockey stick. There are many types of hockey such as bandy, field hockey and ice hockey.

1. Which among these is the highest governing body of Hockey?

A. International Hockey Federation

B. World Hockey Federation

C. Federation of International Hockey

D. International Hockey Association

Ans: A

2. Total no. of players playing on the pitch in a hockey match is?

A. 22

B. 16

C. 20

D. 18

Ans: A

3. Which player is allowed to touch the ball with his feet during a Hockey match?

A. Goalkeeper

B. Defender

C. Centre-forward

D. Winger

Ans: A

4. The dimensions of a Hockey field are?

A. 91.4m X 55m

B. 92m X 55m

C. 92.5m X 56m

D. 91.4m X 56m

Ans: A

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5. What are the dimensions of the goal at each end of the hockey field?

A. 2.14m X 3.66m

B. 2.15m X 3.66m

C. 2.15m X 3.7m

D. 2.14m X 3.7m

Ans: A

6. The distance between thepenalty spot and the goal is?

A. 6yrds

B. 5yrds

C. 8yrds

D. 7yrds

Ans: D

7. The shooting circle in a Hockey field is?

A. 16yrd from the baseline

B. 18yrd from the baseline

C. 17yrd from the baseline

D. 15yrd from the baseline

Ans: A

8. The limit on numbers of substitutions per game is?

A. 5

B. 7

C. 9

D. No limit

Ans: D

9. No. of field empires in a match is?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

Ans: B

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10. Each half in a hockey game consist of?

A. 30mins

B. 35mins

C. 40mins

D. 45mins

Ans: B

11. How long is the half break between two halves of a hockey match?

A. 5mins

B. 10mins

C. 12mins

D. 15mins

Ans: A

12. When does a player go to the penalty box?

A. When he gets a yellow card

B. When he gets a no card

C. When he gets a green card

D. When he gets a red card

Ans: A

13. When was All India Women's Hockey Federation was formed?

A. 1947

B. 1948

C. 1949

D. 1950

Ans: A

14. Who is regarded as the best player in history of the sport?

A. Dhyan Chand

B. Roop Singh

C. DhanrajPillay

D. Niraj Singh

Ans: A

15. Which nation has been crowned as World Champions of Hockey four times?

A. India

B. Pakistan

C. Australia

D. Netherlands

Ans: B

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16. When was India toop part in Olympics for the first time?

A. 1926

B. 1927

C. 1928

D. 1929

Ans: C

17. 2018 Hockey World Cup was be held in?

A. India

B. Pakistan

C. Australia

D. Netherlands

Ans: A

18. India has won the Hockey World Cup how many times?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

Ans: A

19. Which nation has the most Olympic Gold Medals in Hockey with 8 medals?

A. India

B. Pakistan

C. Australia

D. Netherlands

Ans: A

20. When was India palyed first Hockey World Cup?

A. 1970

B. 1971

C. 1972

D. 1973

Ans:  B

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