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GK Quiz on Tokyo Olympics 2020 Wrestling

Tulika Tandon

The questions in the GK Quiz here are based on Wrestling at the Olympic Games 2020 that are being held in Tokyo. This year Indian wrestlers have performed well and have ensured a medal in the game. Take a look below.  

1. Which medal has Ravi Dahiya won at Tokyo Olympics 2020?

  1. Gold
  2. Silver
  3. Bronze
  4. None of the above 

Ans. b

Explanation : Ravi Dahiya has won a Silver medal at the Summer Olympics Tokyo 2020. 

2. Which of the following categories of wrestling are identified at the Olympics

  1. Greco Roman Flyweight
  2. Greco Roman Open
  3. Freestyle Flyweight
  4. All of the above 

Ans. d

Explanation: The types of wrestling contested at the Olympics are Greco Roman flyweight, Greco Roman Bantamweight, Greco Roman lightweight, Greco Roman open etc. 

3. In which year was Wrestling introduced at the Olympics?

  1. 1901
  2. 1904
  3. 2004
  4. None of the above 

Ans. b

Explanation: Wrestling with the exception of the 1900 Summer Olympics did not appear on the program. Freestyle wrestling made its first appearance in 1904.

4. Who is the only Indian Wrestler to win a Gold at the Olympics till 2016?

  1. Ravi Dahiya
  2. Sushil Kumar
  3. Babita Kumari
  4. None of the above 

Ans. d

Explanation: Sushil Kumar is the only Indian Wrestler to reach the finals of the Olympics till now but did not win a Gold at the Olympics.  

5. Who is the only second player to qualify for the Medal at Olympic games?

  1. Ravi Dahiya 
  2. Vinesh Kumari
  3. Both a and b
  4. None of the above 

Ans. a

Explanation: Ravi Dahiya became the only second Indian wrestler to qualify for the title clash at the Olympic games.  

6. When was wrestling introduced for women at the Olympics?

  1. 2000
  2. 2004
  3. 1998
  4. 1992

Ans. b

Explanation: Wrestling was introduced in 2004 at the Summer Olympics. 

7. Which of the following countries has the maximum gold medals in Freestyle Wrestling at the Olympics?

  1. USA
  2. China 
  3. Japan
  4. Russia

Ans. a

Explanation: USA has won 51 gold medals in freestyle wrestling which makes it the highest till now. 

8. Where were the first Olympic Games held?

  1. Italy
  2. Athens
  3. Austria
  4. Britain

Ans. b

Explanation: Olympics was first held in Athens in 1896.

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