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Hassyan Clean Coal Power Plant- Know all about Arab Gulf's only Coal Power Generation Plant

The Middle East or the Gulf region is the world’s largest producer of oil and gas and is all set to get its first coal-fueled power plant at Hassyan, in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai. This groundbreaking project will play a significant role in helping Dubai to deliver on its energy mix ambitions. Know all about the plant below. 


The United Arab Emirates is largely dependent on Natural gas. Thus a coal-powered plant would be some water in the desert. It would play an important role in supporting the UAE Clean Energy Strategy 2050. It may also be the last power plant generated through coal in the country.

This represents a major shift in power generation as according to the latest figures from the International Energy Agency, the UAE produced almost all of its 110 TWh of power output in 2014 from natural gas and oil. Hassyan will also provide a 25 per cent boost to Dubai’s current grid capacity, producing the equivalent electricity to power approximately 1.3 million people at a competitive cost. 

About Hassyan Power Plant

  1. The Hassyan Energy Company, a joint venture between Dubai Electricity & Water Authority and ACWA Power Harbin Holding Company, will own and operate the Hassyan power plant. The project would be of 600 megawatts and is being set up with the budget estimate of around 3.4 million dollars. The capacity of the power plant would be raised to 2400 megawatts by 2023. 
  2. Japan-based company Jera would be supplying coal to Dubai under its long term agreement with ACWA Power in Saudi Arabia. 
  3. The surprising aspect is that even though coal is considered to be the dirtiest fuel for power generation yet Hassyan's standard for pollution would be based on guidelines for natural gas plants which would be cleaner and would cause less of pollution than the rest. 
  4. The plant once completed would comply with carbon emission guidelines from World Bank  Finance Corporation and EU standards. 
  5. Phase 1 of the project consists of four units of 600 MW net power each, which will respectively be operational in March 2020, March 2021, March 2022, and March 2023.
  6. The power plant is expected to produce sufficient electricity to power approximately 250,000 households.

Why is it the clean coal project- Technology Used for Power Plant

  1. The USC technology used for the plant would enable it to run at a higher steam temperature and pressure than traditional coal-fired plants, improving the plant efficiency and decreasing stack-emissions.
  2. The project also features a carbon capture-ready design.
  3. Advanced electrostatic precipitators and seawater flue gas desulphurisation systems of the USC technology would lower the NOx, SOx, and particulate emission levels.

Advantages of the project

  1. The International Energy Agency, IEA, works as an advisor to the world’s richest economies on energy policy. It has said that Hassyan Clean Power Plant will provide 20% of Dubai’s power when fully operational and would also result in a great reduction in electricity costs for Dubai's locals. 
  2. It is environment friendly thus would not cause much of pollution as other coal plants
  3. The dependence of the UAE on natural gas would reduce and the source depletion would also be avoided. 

Why is it expected to be the last of its kind in the Gulf region?

State-owned Dubai Electricity & Water Authority signed an agreement with Acwa more than four years ago to buy electricity from Hassyan for less than 5 cents per kilowatt-hour. Then, the prices became much cheaper than it for the power generated from solar farms in the emirates. This power would be available for less than 2 cents. It would be a loss for the country's economy if any more of such projects would be sanctioned. 


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