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List of Indian military bases outside India

Arfa Javaid

Military bases are facilities directly possessed and operated by or for the military to shelter military equipment and personnel and facilitates training and operations.

These established overseas enables a nation to project power, thereby influencing events abroad. The United States is the largest operator of military bases abroad-- 38 named bases. 

In this article, we have curated a list of top Indian military bases located outside Indian territory. 

1- Tajikistan: Farkhor Air Base is located near the town of Farkhor in Tajikistan. It is 130 km southeast of the capital Dushanbe. It is operated by Indian Air Force in collaboration with the Tajik Air Force. It is India's first military base overseas. Chabahar Port in Iran facilitates Indian transport access to Farkhor Air Base via Afghanistan.

2- Bhutan: Indian Military Training Team (IMTRAT) is located at Haa Dzong in Western Bhutan. It is a training mission of the Indian Army in Bhutan. It is responsible for the training of the personnel of the Royal Bhutan Army (RBA) and the Royal Bodyguard of Bhutan (RBG).

3- Madagascar: India’s first foreign listening post was set up in northern Madagascar in 2007 to track shipping movements in the Indian Ocean and listen in on maritime communications. It also helped Madagascar Navy to surveillance the coastal area of the country. Since Madagascar's military is not strong enough to counter foreign invaders, India stepped in to protect it and its integrity.

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4- Mauritius: India has developed a military base on North Agalega Island deploying a coastal surveillance radar system. The island located in the Indian Ocean is leased to the Indian military for the development of strategic assets as of India–Mauritius Military cooperation. At present, the island serves as an Indian Military Base in Mauritius. 

5- Seychelles: India and Seychelles inked a defence pact for a joint project in Assumption Island to build a naval base to counter China's String of Pearls strategy. For this, India gave a $100m Line of Credit and Dornier Aircraft to Seychelles. India also maintains a coastal surveillance radar system in Seychelles. 

6- Oman: India has a listening post at Ras al Hadd and berthing rights at Muscat naval base. Also, there is an establishment at Duqm for the Indian Air Force and the Indian Navy. It is important to note that Duqm had previously served as a port for the INS Mumbai. India has three naval bases and one airbase in Oman.

7- Iran: Chabahar Port is located on the Gulf of Oman in southeastern Iran and is the country's only oceanic port. India took over the port's operations in December 2018.

8- Singapore: On 29 November 2017, Singapore inked a naval cooperation agreement with both India and China to counter Chinese expansionism strategy in the Strait of Malacca. The agreement also helped India to establish its military presence in the Chinese trade route (around 70% of China's trade is done via the Strait of Malacca). Changi Naval Base of Singapore serves as an Indian Naval base in Singapore.

9- Sri Lanka: In 2018, India bought a Sri Lankan Airbase in Hambantota to keep an eye on the Chinese Navy. It may be converted into a fully operational airbase of India in Sri Lanka and can be used in case of Chinese threats. 

So, these were some of the important military bases of India located outside Indian territory.  The students appearing for various competitive and government examinations are advised to go through them thoroughly. 

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Where is India's first foreign listening post situated?

India's first foreign listening post is situated in northern Madagascar.

What is IMTRAT?

Indian Military Training Team (IMTRAT) is a training mission of the Indian Army in Bhutan. It is located in Haa Dzong in Western Bhutan.

What is India's first military airbase overseas?

Farkhor Air Base is India's first military airbase overseas. It is located near the town of Farkhor in Tajikistan.

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