8 Interesting Facts about Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth is the intergovernmental organization of those countries which were part of the British Empire. The modern Commonwealth was formed on 26 April 1949 through the London Declaration. Currently the Commonwealth is a voluntary association of 53 independent and equal sovereign states.

In these 53 countries, Mozambique is the only country that has never been a part of the British Empire but is still a member of Commonwealth. On the other hand the United States has been a part of the British Empire but still not a member of Commonwealth.

Let's know what are 8 interesting facts about Commonwealth Games?

1. The idea of setting up commonwealth hit during the "Festival of Empire" organized in honour of George Pancham's coronation" in 1911.

2. First Commonwealth Games were organised in the Hamilton city of Canada in 1930. There were 400 players from 11 countries participated in the first Commonwealth Games.

3. India has hosted the Commonwealth Games first time in the Delhi in 2010. India had won the 101 medals and secured the second place in the medal tally in Commonwealth Games

4. India's best performance in Commonwealth Games was in Delhi. India has participated 16 times in the Commonwealth Games. So far India has won 438 medals (comprise of 155 gold medals, 155 silver medals and 128 bronze medals) in the Commonwealth Games.

5. Twenty first Commonwealth Games are in the progress in the "Gold Coast", Australia. Australia is organising the Commonwealth Games 5th time. Current Commonwealth Games has 19 sports. There are 71 teams from 53 countries are participating in the 21st Commonwealth Games.

6. The Commonwealth Games represent about 20% of the Earth's land and 32% population of the world.

7. Commonwealth Games are the third biggest event of the world after the Olympic Games and Asian games. In Rio olympic-2016; 11238 players participated, 9,501 athletes participated in the Asian games 2014 and 4947 players are participating in the ongoing Commonwealth Games.

8. So far, only 6 countries have participated in all the Commonwealth Games organised till date. These countries are; Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand, Scotland and Wales.

It is expected that in the ongoing 21st Commonwealth Games, India will repeat her best performance and will be able to fetch more medals so that her total medal count can cross 500 and secure the top three position in the medal tally.

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