Liberation Day of Goa

Liberation day of Goa is observed every year on 19th of December. It was on December 19, 1961, that Goa was freed from the Portuguese dominion after an extended freedom movement and army operation. It was provided statehood in 1987 and thereby became one of the most rich and top per capita income states of India.

Fight for Freedom- Operation Vijay

The Liberation of Goa was rather a historic event in the Goa. The liberation of Goa led to its freedom from Portuguese rule by the Indian Army. It is known as a historic event, as it ended a long time dominion that was ultimately unfair and unwelcome.  Post British Left India, Goa stayed the single portion of India under foreign rule. The Portuguese were not willing to free Goa in spite of frequent requests from India.

The fight for Goa's freedom was dual - inside Goa and outside Goa - which was performed by the Indian Government. Towards the end of 1961, various unsuccessful talks, the Indian government deployed armed forces. But, there were few issues as it was assumed that the Portuguese have supersonic interceptors. The dearth of the power of their air-force also became a fright. Consequently, the Indian Air Force was advised to offer reinforced support to the ground force.

Lastly on the words of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, the army conquered Goa on December 17, 1961. On December 17, 1961 few 30,000 Indian ground troops, with the Indian air force and army, conquered the 3,000 member ill-prepared and Portuguese navy. There was few more armed act following that. The rest of the Portuguese colonies of Daman and Diu were even overpowered. The complete buildup of the Portuguese colonies shaped the "Union territory of Goa, Daman and Diu". The total army operation -"Operation Vijay" was performed almost without any violence. Finally, Portuguese Governor General Vassalo da Silva freed Goa on 18 December. After three days of the operations, on December 19th 1961, Goa at last became a part of India.

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How is it Celebrated?

The day is observed with so many celebrations in Goa. The festivity showcases a torch light parade that is conducted from three diverse places of Goa. The three parades eventually gather at the Azad Maidan. At this location, the members of the parade pay their honor to the freedom fighters. Cultural programs such as Sugam Sangeet are even conducted the rejoice the occasion.

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