List of Folk Music of Uttar Pradesh

Traditional folk music has been defined in several ways: as music transmitted orally, music with unknown composers, or music performed by custom over a long period of time. It has been contrasted with commercial and classical styles.

Uttar Pradesh is literally, a treasure house, with each and every district having unique music traditions. This state is considered as the citadel of 'Pubaiya Ang' of Hindustani Classic Music. According to the Mahatma Gandhi (Father of Nation), "In Folk Music, the earth sings, the mountains sings, the rivers flows, the crops sings."

The folk music of Uttar Pradesh is songs for every mood and every occasion. Folk songs made collective life and collective labour more enjoyable. They were passed on orally from generation to generation.

Folk Music of Uttar Pradesh

1. Sohar

It is form that is part of the life-cycle repertoire. It is described as a form sung to celebrate the birth of a child.

2. Kaharwa

It is sung by the Kahar caste at the time of wedding.

3. Chanayni

A type of dance music

4. Nauka Jhakkad

This is very popular in barber community and considered as the barber song.

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5. Banjara and Njava

This form of music is sung by the people of Teli community during night.

6. Kajli or Kajri

It is sung in the month of saawan by females. It also evolved into the form of semi-classical singing and its singing style is closely associated the Banaras gharana.

7. Jarewa and Sadavajra Saranga

This form of music is sung for the folk-stones.

Apart from these folk songs, Gazals and Thumaris (a form of semi-classical music, which was once confined to royal courts) have been quite popular in the Awadh region and so have been Qawwalis (a form of Sufi poetry, which developed from Bhajans) and Marsiyas. Both of them reflect a strong influence of the folk music of Uttar Pradesh.

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