List of International Sea Routes for Navigation

Waterways are the most suitable and cheapest for the international trade. International trade is carried out through ports and harbours which are connected with hinterlands through railways, roads or inland waterways. Water Transport includes transportation from canals, lakes, rivers, seas and oceans. It can be classified as national and international transportation. The water transport can be divided into two parts: (a) Inland water transport; (b) Ocean water transport. The list of International Sea routes are discussed below:

1. South Atlantic Oceanic Route

This route joins North America and Europe with South America. Through this, waterway, the industrial goods from North America and Europe are transported to South America. The major products transported by this oceanic route are machines, electric goods, goods of daily needs, medical apparatus and medicines, railways goods, parts of airplanes and army and defence equipment.

2. North Atlantic Oceanic Route

It has much more important than any other waterways. This waterway joins the developed regions of Western Europe with the developed region of North America. There are many important parts of the world on this oceanic route, e.g. Glasgow, Manchester, Southampton, London, Rotterdam, Breman, body, Lisbon, Quebec, Montreal, New Orleans, York, Charleston, Gaveston, and New Havana. Maximum goods are transported through this waterway of the world.

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3. Routes of Mediterranean Sea

This waterway joins Asia and Australia continents with North Atlantic Ocean routes. Mediterranean waterway joins together the maximum number of countries of the world. Through this waterway the raw material of eastern countries is being transported to western countries and transport industrial products to eastern countries.

4. Cape of Good Hope route

It joins Eastern Asia and Europe to southern parts of Africa. This oceanic route has lost its importance with the construction of the Suez Canal. Now-a-days, only large sized ships loaded with heavy and cheap goods sail through this oceanic route.

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5. North Pacific Oceanic Route

These waterways join East Asia and North America with each other. This waterway is very long. From this route the countries like China. Korea, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong take maximum benefits.

6. South Pacific Oceanic Route

It connects Australia, New Zealand, North America and Western Europe with each other. Through this oceanic route Australia exports wool, butter, cheese, skins, rubber, etc. and industrial products are imported.

7. Routes of Indian Ocean

Indian oceanic waterways are used by the countries which fall in the vicinity of the Indian Ocean. The major items exported through this route are tea, jute products, mineral ores and import items are mainly industrial products.

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