List of language families spoken worldwide

Language is the method of communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structure and conventional way. In another way, we can say language is a system of signs for encoding and decoding information. These languages belong to certain language families because they possess have the same origins. There are approximately 6000 languages spoken worldwide out of these 94 languages belongs to different language families. Here, we are giving the list of language families spoken worldwide for general awareness.


List of language families spoken worldwide

Language Family


Indo-European family

English, Russian and Hindi

Sino-Tibetan family

Mandarin, Bodo and the other Chinese languages, and Tibetan

Afro-Asiatic family

Arabic, Somali, Hebrew, Swahili, and Zulu

Malayo-Polynesian languages family

Indonesian, Malay, Tagalog, and hundreds of other languages spoken throughout the Pacific

Dravidian family

Tamil and Telugu


Malay (Indonesian and Malaysian), Javanese, and Filipino (Tagalog)


Turkic, Mongolic, Tungusic, Korean and Japonic


Khmeric, Bahnaric, Monic , Katuic, Pearic, Khmuic, Palaung-Wa, Khasic, Vietic, Aslian, Nicobarese, Kherwarian, Korku, Kharia-Juang and Koraput


Hlai, Kra, Kam–Sui, Tai, and the Ong Be


Yoruba, Igbo, Fula and Shona

The evolution of human languages witnesses the gradual changes that involve the origin and divergence of languages and language families which can be considered analogous to biological evolution but it is not necessarily occur through the same mechanisms. Apart from all the language families, Indo-European languages are the most widely spoken that constitutes 44 % of the world population. In the above list of language families spoken worldwide will enhance the general knowledge of the readers.

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