List of Regional distribution of the Wild Animals around the World

The distribution of animal is an important area of study in Environment & Ecology as well as Zoogeography which deals with the fauna characteristics, classification, spatial distribution, association, and migration of different species of animals. The regional distributions of the wild animals have a close relationship between the wild animal and the prevailing environmental conditions.


There is a great diversity in the ecosystems and habitats of wild animals. The regional distribution of wild animals has been discussed in the below table.

List of Regional distribution of the Wild Animals around the World



Tropical Rain-forests (6 % of land area)

Apes, cockatoos, gorillas, leopards, macaw, monkeys, parakeet, parrots, peacock, peafowl, sunbird, tigers and millions of insects.

Tropical Grassland

African elephant, antelopes, bateleur bird (Africa), bison (North America), buffalo, cheetah, gazelles, giraffe, gnu, hartebeest (Africa), kangaroos (Australia), jaguars (South America), lions, rhinoceros, zebra. This is the richest native wildlife at present in the world.

Arid Lands

Camels, fox, gemsbok, goshawk, jackals, lizards, lynx, lions, meercats, porcupines, scorpions, springbok, warthog, wild dogs, wolf, and numerous birds.

Temperate Forests / Grassland

Badger, eagle, hoopoe, Koala, raccoon, red-deer, red-fox, sapsucker, stag-beetle, wood packer and numerous birds.

Boreal Forests

Beever, black-gouse, Canadian-horned-owl, Canadian-lynx,

coyotes, moose, pole-cat, mule-deer, nut-cracker, red-squirrel,

Timber-wolf, wolverine.

Polar Regions

Arctic-fox, blue-whale, eagles, elephant-seals. Killer-whale, krill, musk-ox, polar-bear, (world's heaviest terrestrial carnivores), penguins, pigeons/pentads-petrels, seals, snow- geese, spotted-seal, trumpeter-swan, walrus.

Folded Mountains

Andean candor (the largest bird of the world with wing-span of 3.7 metres), Andean-geese, dall-sheep, golden-eagle, lammergeyer or bearded-vulture, mountain-goat, mountain-gorilla, mountain-lion, pandas, snow-leopard, yaks.


Dodo-bird (Mauritius), frigate-bird, ground-iguana, king-penguins, komodo-dragon, lemurs and tenrees (Madagascar), marine-iguana, moa-bird (New Zealand) sole nodous (Caribbean),southern-sea-lion, tomato-red-frog (Madagascar), tortoise (Galapagos Islands-Ecuador-South America), tuatara-lizard (New Zealand).


Angler, dolphins, fishes, killer-whale, mollusks, reptiles, seal, sea-lion (California), spotted-eal, tortoise, whales, insects.


Freshwaters (2 % of the planet’s total area )

Amphibians, birds, cormorants, eagles, fishing-owl, flamingo, hippopotamus, jacana, pelican, king-fisher, planktons, piranhas (Amazon Basin), mammals, snake-bird, swan, water- buffalo, etc.

Wildlife in India

Antelopes, black-bear, black-buck, bustard (the second heaviest terrestrial bird in the world), cobra, elephant, gazelles, gibbon, goat, hyenas, Kashmiri-stag, leopard, lions, snakes, tiger, vultures, wolf.

In the above list of the regional distribution of the Wild Animal around the World gives a quick recap of distribution of wild animal in specific regions in the world.

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