List of main Research Institutes in Uttar Pradesh

If a country or state wants to experience holistic development then it has to give utmost importance to the research and development activities. If adequate attention is given to the R&D then the goods and services will be available to the targeted group at the cheapest rate and as per the requirement.

Uttar Pradesh is considered industrially backward as compared to other states of the country, but still there are 14 numbers of cotton textiles mills in the state, 32 glass making factories and 60 bangles making factories.

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The name and location of some important research institutes in the state is as follows;



NAME of Research Institute



 1. National Biofertilizer Development Center

 2. Textile research institute



 Central Pulp and Paper Research Institute







 1. Uttar Pradesh Agricultural Research Institute

 2. Central drug research institute

 3. Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research

 4. Indian Institute of Toxicology Research

 5. Birbal Sahni Institute of Paleobotany Research

 6. National Institute of Botany Research

 7. National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources






 1. J. K. Cancer Institute

 2. Central Textile Institute

 3. Indian Leather Dyeing and Shoe Institute

 4. Indian Institute of Pulses Research

 5. National Sugar Research Institute



  Greater Noida  

 1. V. V. Giri National Labour Institute

 2. National Academy Of Statistical Administration

 3. National Institute for Entrepreneurship and  Small Business Development



 Central Institute for Research on Goats



 Central Glass & Ceramics Research Institute



 Central Potato Research Institute



 1. Central Bird Research Institute (Izatnagar)

 2. Indian Veterinary Research Institute (Izatnagar)



 Indian Grassland and Fodder Research Institute



 Pan Experiment and Training Center



 1. Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute

 2. Harish-Chandra Research Institute



 1. Indian Handloom Technical Institute

 2. Indian Institute of Handloom Technology

 3. Indian Institute of Vegetable Research


  Sant Ravidas Nagar

 Indian Institute of Carpet Technology



 National Institute of Fashion Technology



 Central Leprosy Institute

The above list of the main research institutes located in Uttar Pradesh is very important for all the aspirants preparing for the competitive exams. In the exams; candidates are asked to match the research institute and their location.

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