List of Seoul Peace Prize Winner

The Seoul Peace Prize is a biennial recognition with monetary award, which was started by the South Korea to commemorate the success of the 24th Summer Olympic Games held in Seoul, Korea. 160 nations from across the world took part, creating harmony and friendship in the 24th Summer Olympic Games. In this award, the recipient receives a diploma, a plaque and honorarium of US$200, 000.

How is the Seoul Peace Prize recipient selected?

The internal committee includes over 1,300 nominators, including internationally renowned Korean and foreign figures in political, economic, social, cultural, athletic, academic and other fields. The nominators should send back the forms after filling in the name of their candidates and their achievements three months before the advised date for the award giving ceremony. The final recipient is selected through a vote by members of the committee.

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List of Seoul Peace Prize Winner



Narendra Modi

Year: 2018

Country: India

Reason for Award: For his contributions to world peace and economic growth

Denis Mukwege

Year: 2016

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Reason for Award: In recognition of his devotion towards ending unjust wars and conflicts

Angela Merkel

Year: 2014

Country: Germany

Reason for Award: In recognition of her outstanding contribution to protecting human rights, promoting peace, and preventing war and terrorism through international cooperation

Ban Ki-moon

Year: 2012

Country: South Korea

Reason for Award: In recognition of his efforts for the promotion of world peace falls short of crediting him enough for his implementation of the Millennium Development Goals for socioeconomic development and poverty reduction in developing nations

José Antonio Abreu

Year: 2010

Country: Venezuela

Reason for Award: For saving juveniles from violence and crime and contributing to building a peaceful society by promoting harmony, cooperation and fellowship through the organization of orchestras

Abdul Sattar Edhi

Year: 2008

Country: Pakistan

Reason for Award: His decisive role in achieving the unanimous passage of the North Korea Human Rights Act of 2004 in the US Congress and her endless struggle for underprivileged citizens

Muhammad Yunus

Year: 2006

Country: Bangladesh

Reason for Award: For being the foremost leader in the global fight to combat poverty

Václav Havel

Year: 2004

Country: Czech Republic

Reason for Award: His role in democratizing the then-Czechoslovakia and influencing many


Year: 2002

Country: United Kingdom

Reason for Award: In recognition of its outstanding achievements in relieving people from poverty, plight and calamity

Sadako Ogata

Year: 2000

Country: Japan

Reason for Award: His major role in making the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees one of the world's principal humanitarian agencies as part of several UN Boards.  He received this award for helping alleviate the plight of refugees.

Kofi Annan

Year: 1998

Country: Ghana

Reason for Award: For his management tasks to refugee and peace-keeping issues and his proposed agreement for peace that avoided war in the Gulf

Médecins Sans Frontières

Year: 1996

Country: Switzerland

Reason for Award: For delivering emergency medical relief to populations whose health is threatened by war, civil strife, epidemics or natural disasters

George Shultz

Year: 1992

Country: United States of America

Reason for Award: For playing a decisive role in ending the Cold War during his tenure

Juan Antonio Samaranch

Year: 1990

Country: Spain

Reason for Award: For his significant contribution to world peace through sports

The prime objective of the award is to crystallize the Korean people's yearning for peace on the Korean Peninsula and in the rest of the world.

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