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Mother’s Day 2021: 9 Ways to make it special during COVID-19 Lockdown

Shikha Goyal

Mother’s Day 2021: 'Mother' a word that can’t be replaced from anything. When we think of our mothers a smile always comes to our face. Her unconditional love and care even when we are grown-up or left home for further studies she always calls and ask for our health, food that we have taken or not Isn’t. Nobody can take her place in the world. But due to coronavirus outbreak, we all are stuck at home. Some are spending quality time with their families and some are not with their families and spending time with them via video calls, asking for recipes from mothers for cooking, etc.

So on this special day, we are providing some ideas or ways to celebrate Mother's Day and make her feel special whether you are at home with her or miles apart.

1. Recite her favourite poem or send a heart-touching message or letter

You can appreciate your mother via writing a letter or message or if she loves poems then you can recite her favourite poem to make her feel special. This you can do via video call or on the phone if you are not at home and if you are at home then also you can do it.

2. Prepare bed tea if she loves to take it and then offer her a breakfast

Mothers are multi-taskers, she takes care of every minuscule’s whether school dress, breakfast, school Tiffin, etc. It will be a warm gesture on Mother's Day if you offer bed tea or breakfast and make her feel relax in the morning. This is for those who are at home.

3. Help her in household works or give her a day off

Mothers always do all household work and even don't complain while doing it. On Mother's Day either help her with daily works or give her a day off, prepare her favourite dish and offer her lunch and celebrate with the family. You can try new recipes and make new dishes for her. This is also one of the best gifts of giving her a good day of rest. This you can do when you are at home.

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4. You can also make your mom feel special by saying sorry if anytime you have hurt your mom. Make her feel that no one is like you in my life and you are a god gift. Be kind to your parents. This you can do from anywhere whether you are at home or not.

5. You can also offer your mom an online course

If your mother got married early and sacrificed her dreams to take care of the family and wants to continue her studies or any course then you can offer her an online course. Or something your mother wants to learn but could not then you can gift her so that she can take it to the next level. Learning is one of the best gifts that can anyone give to her favourite one. This you can do it from anywhere.

6. You can plan a movie at home with the family and make your mom’s evening special. With the family, you can arrange your mom’s favourite movie that she always loves to watch and celebrate it with snacks. This you can do when you are at home or if you are not there then you can plan it with other family members via phone and can arrange for her.

7. You can make a video to express love and gratitude

In the video, you can show your mother journey, add some old photographs and family memories. You can also add several visual elements to the video to make it better. This you can do it from anywhere but if you are at home then you can watch with your mom and other family members. It will be fun and yes all old memories will be refreshed.

8. You can gift a home salon, spa

Due to lockdown, all salons are closed. You can give your mom a pedicure and manicure, hair and body spa and make her feel relaxed. This you can do if you are at home.

9. Sometimes it happens when your mother calls you and you are busy or you are not at home and says ‘will call you later mom’ or ‘I will call you back mom’ but later you forget to do it. On Mother’s Day give her a call and ask how her day was instead of always saying about you and your busy life. Sometimes listening to someone is also a sort of gift and sharing her feelings. This you can do when you are not at home and also if you are at home then you can sit with your mom for a while and ask about the day, listen to her, what she has in her mind, heart, etc.

Hope you like the ideas of celebrating Mother’s Day during the COVID-19 lockdown.

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