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On this Day, November 12: First Round Table Conference was called by the British government in London

Shikha Goyal

On this day, November 12:  Check out below what is special in Indian history on November 12. Here you would also find out about events that happened in the past and make today a special day.

On this day, November 12: Check what is special in Indian History!

On this day, First Round Table Conference was opened in London by the British government.

In Indian history, Round Table Conference was a series of meetings in three sessions, called by the British government to consider the future constitution of India.

From November 12, 1930 - January 19, 1931, the first session of the Round Table Conference was held in London. 73 representatives from all Indian states and all parties except the Indian National Congress attended the conference. This was for the first time when Indians and the British were meeting as 'equals'.

First Round Table Conference: Purpose

To pacify the increasing demand of national in India under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi and the Indian National Congress.

The Civil Disobedience Movement launched at that time was also alarmed British leaders and they felt to initiate talks with Indians.

To discuss the constitutional reforms according to the report of the Simon Commission which was earlier set up by the British Government.

To create division between Indians by using the policy of divide and rule.

First Round Table Conference: Issues discussed

Federal structure and provincial constitution

Minorities, defence services, and Franchise

Provinces of Sindh and NWFP

Executive responsibility to the legislature

Separate electorates for the 'untouchables' were demanded by B R Ambedkar

The idea for All-India Federation was given by Tej Bahadur Sapru and was supported by the Muslim League.

On this day, November 12: Famous birthdays in India

1880 - Pandurang Mahadev Bapat was born. Popularly known as Senapati Bapat. He took part in the Indian Independence Movement.

1937 - Balan Nambiar was born in Kannapuram. He is an Indian painter, sculptor, enamellist, photographer, and academic researcher.

1904 - Shreedhar Mahadev Joshi was born. He was an Indian Independence activist and a member of the Socialist Party, and a leader of Samyukta Maharashtra Samiti.

1923 - Gangadhar Vithoba Chittal was born into Hanehalli's Chittal Family. He was a Kannada poet and recipient of the Karnataka Sahitya Academy award.

1992 - Priyanka Jawalkar was born into a middle-class Marathi Family in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh. She is an Indian actress and model who works in Telugu-language films.

On this day, November 12: Death anniversaries

2005 - Madhu Dandavate died at the Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai on November 12. He was an Indian physicist and socialist politician. He served as Minister of Railways in the Morarji Desai Ministry and as Minister of Finance in the VP Singh Ministry.

2007 - Khandelwal Vijay Kumar died on November 12. He was a member of the 14th Lok Sabha of India. Represented the Betul constituency of Madhya Pradesh and was also a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

On this day, November 12:  World Pneumonia Day is also observed

World Pneumonia Day is observed on November 12 to spread awareness of pneumonia, its symptoms, causes, and treatment.

Some other notable events that took place on November 12 in World History

1990 - Japanese Emperor Akihito was formally enthroned on this day in 1990. As per tradition, the 125th direct descendant of Jimmu, Japan's legendary first emperor.

2016 - Jackie Chan awarded honourary Oscar for his film achievement at the 8th Annual Governors Awards ceremony.

2017 - Prince Charles for the first time lays the wreath to Great Britain's war dead and replaced Queen Elizabeth

2018 - Stan Lee, an American comic book writer died at age 95. He helped in creating various iconic characters and teams like the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, the Avengers, and the X-Men for Marvel Comics.

2018 - Michelle Obama, former U.S. first lady publishes her memoir "Becoming".

2019 - Disney launched its streaming service Disney+

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