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What is the Procedure to become BCCI Umpire?

Hemant Singh

Cricket is the second most popular game in the world after football. In the game of cricket the role of umpires is like the judges in the judiciary. On many occasions the umpires plays a very crucial role in deciding the result of the game.  In this article we are publishing detailed information related to become the umpire in India or under the ambit of BCCI.


It is not necessary for any applicant to have played competitive cricket before becoming the umpire, if anyone had played cricket earlier it would be an added advantage.

There are various stages that one has to clear before being eligible to officiate in an international game. Like cricketers, umpires are also judged on the basis of their consistent show.

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Before applying for post of umpire you must have;

a. Good eyesight

b. Good fitness

c. Thorough knowledge of the rules of cricket

The BCCI has divided the umpires into four Grades i.e.

Grade A: As of now 20 umpires in this list

Grade B: As of now 25 umpires in this list

Grade C: As of now 35 umpires in this list

Grade D: As of now 40 umpires in this list

It is worth to mention that BCCI gives 40000 rupee/day to “grade A” umpires.

Step by step process is as follows;

1. The first step is to register with your respective state association as it is the state association that forwards the name to the BCCI.

2. Once you get to officiate in local matches, the state association will then forward your name for the Level 1 examination conducted by the BCCI every year or once every two years.

3. The BCCI arranges coaching classes for all the applicants for three days. The written examination is conducted on the fourth day. The Candidates are shortlisted on the basis of merit in this exam.

The shortlisted candidates have to come for an induction course where further doubts on the laws of the game are addressed.

4. There is one more examination for shortlisted candidates, which may also be practical and oral.

5. Those who clears this exam will have to appear in Level 2 exam which is generally held after a period of one year.

6. The Level 2 examination is a combination of written, practical and viva. Those who clear this then have to appear for a medical test.

7. When one completely clears Level 2, one more induction course is being conducted following which you get recognized as BCCI umpire.

It is worth to mention that to clear BCCI exam; a lot of books are available in the market. In addition to this study material is available on the Internet also.

Hence if anybody wants to become an umpire he needs to have passion for this game alongwith good knowledge and perfect eyesight.

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