Super Pink Moon 2020: Biggest and Brightest April Full Moon Stuns People Around the Globe

The April Full Moon which is also a supermoon too left people stunned across the globe. The biggest and brightest moon of the year is witnessed on April 8 at 2:35 am GST (8:05 am IST). Out of the three supermoons this year, April's supermoon was closest to the Earth due to its orbital path and thus it appeared 7 times bigger and 15 times brighter than the average full moon. In a bad piece of news, people in only some parts of India witnessed the Pink Supermoon as at that time it was broad daylight. However, they can still watch this phenomenal sight via live streaming. Let's unveil more about the Super Pink Moon below. 

What is a Supermoon?

The term Supermoon was coined by astrologer Richard Nolle in the year 1979 and is in use since then. A Supermoon orbits closest to the Earth and due to this reason, it appears bigger and brighter. This month's Supermoon is said to be 356,907 km away from Earth. The average distance between Earth and the Moon is 384,400 km.

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What causes a Supermoon?

The Moon's orbital path around the Earth is not circular but elliptical. Therefore, there will be points when Earth and Moon will be the closest. When the Earth and Moon are farther away from each other, it is called a Micromoon and when they are closer it is called a Supermoon. 

Why the April full moon is traditionally called a Pink Moon? 

April full moon is traditionally called a Pink Moon as the naming process depends upon the native American regions along with the seasons there. The Pink Moon refers to the pink coloured flower named Phlox Subulata that blooms during the spring season in the eastern side of North America. 

When was the last Supermoon of the year 2020?

The last Supermoon was the Super Worm Moon that appeared between 9 March to 11 March.

How to watch the Super Pink Moon in India? 

As mentioned above, the Super Pink Moon in India appeared at 8:05 am and moon-gazers in India were not able to watch this phenomenal sight as there was broad daylight at this time in India. However, the moon-gazers in India can still watch the Super Pink Moon on the YouTube channel Slooh. 

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It must be noted that each month's full moon has its own unique name and is given by Native Americans after nature's cues. The moon-gazers in India might be disappointed but they can still watch the live streaming on the YouTube channel Slooh. 



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