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Third wave of COVID 19 to hit India soon? Precautions & Suggestions by experts against Coronavirus

Tulika Tandon

Third Wave of Covid 19: Why in News?

The third COVID wave is said to hit India, specially Maharashtra within the next two to four weeks. The state task force also gave a grim reminder to Maharashtra which faced a lot of difficulty in the second wave. 

The third wave predictions were made in a meeting chaired by the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. 

A survey of doctors and scientists, epidemiologists and professors was carried out by Reuters which stated that the third wave can hit India latest by October and this time a significant pickup in vaccinations would prove to be a cover against the outbreak. 

Medical experts also said that the virus will remain a threat for almost a year more. 

Dr Randeep Guleria, director at All India Institute Of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) said, "It will be more controlled, as cases will be much less because more vaccinations would have been rolled out and there would be some degree of natural immunity from the second-wave."

What is predicted in the third wave?

  1. The total number of Covid cases in the third wave is said to double compared to the second wave in Maharashtra.
  2. In the first wave where there were 19 lakh cases, the second wave had 40 lakh. 
  3. Active cases are said to reach 8 lakh in the third wave which stayed at 1.4 lakh currently.
  4. 10% cases would be coming from children and young adults all over the country in the third wave. 
  5. The lower middle classes would be more affected this time in the third wave in Maharashtra.   
  6. As per various doctors, just like UK, Maharashtra could be affected by the third wave of Covid 19 soon after ebbing of the second wave.
  7. As per various epidemiologists, almost 100 days of gap can be expected between the two peaks this time. 

How will the Lower Middle Class be affected?

As per the task force this time the lower middle class would be the hardest hit by the virus. The reason cited is that since they escaped the first two waves, the antibodies in them might have been suppressed or depleted. 

As per a senior official, the uncontrolled crowds generally disregard the Covid norms and rules and do not bother social distancing which may be the reason for their susceptibility to the virus.

Experts Suggestions for Third wave of Coronavirus

By far only 95% of the Indian population expected to be infected by Covid has been vaccinated. Many experts also suggested that the children and those under 18 would be the worst affected in the coming wave. 

 Dr Pradeep Banandur, head of epidemiology department at National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences said, "The reason being they are a completely virgin population in terms of vaccination because currently there is no vaccine available for them.

"If children get infected in large numbers and we are not prepared, there is nothing you can do at the last minute," said Dr Devi Shetty of Narayana Health and an advisor to the Karnataka state government. 

 New Variant: Delta Plus

The Delta Variant of Coronavirus developed in India was called responsible for the peak in cases in the second wave. It was reported from Maharashtra first. The variant has not been classified as a variant of concern by WHO now. This Delta Plus variant first came into existence in Europe in March this year. 

How are the Coronavirus variants named? Know about Delta, the Covid Variant found in India


  1. The pandemic has made the scientists research in a way that was very appealing but the people if would not take any vaccine would be at the loss, 
  2. Efficacy Of lab developed vaccine is different in reaction to the mutant variants. Experts suggest that the behavioral vaccines offer the best defense. These may include precautions and wearing of masks at all times maintaining social distancing and Covid appropriate hygiene. 
  3. The Oraon tribe's Tana Bhagat Community has been an example to many for beating Covid without vaccines.
  4. Staggered opening of market places has been suggested instead of free ride for all to avoid overcrowding. 
  5. Work from Home mode of working is being supported by the Government of India as such nowadays. 
  6. In case the staff calling is absolutely important they must be called in at different timings. 
  7. New variants must be identified and ways to mitigate it must be found out soon before the third wave hits the entire country.

Thus the country must be united and all must follow the Covid 19 precautionary guidelines before the third wave hits the states. 

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