United Nations Volunteers (UNV)

The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) was established on 1970 by UN General Assembly for the contribution of peace and development through volunteerism world-wide. It was formed on the on the basis proposed in a speech at Harvard University on June 13, 1968 by Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. It’s prime motive is to inspired the world that volunteerism is a powerful means of tackling challenges of development.

It is administered by the United Nations Development Programme. Its headquarter is situated in Bonn, Germany. It’s another office is situated in Tokyo and New York which are responsible for managing affairs of the organisation. Although, the entire works of the UNV is the principle of volunteerism and hence don’t have separate administrative bodies, so it reports to the UNDP Executive Board.

Mission United Nations Volunteers (UNV)

• It forms to bring benefits to both society at large and the individual volunteer. It contributes to a more cohesive society by building trust and reciprocity among citizens.

• It supports sustainable human development globally through the promotion of volunteerism, including the mobilization of volunteers.

• It serves the causes of peace and development by enhancing opportunities for participation by all peoples.

• It is universal, inclusive and embraces volunteer action in all its diversity.

• It values free will, commitment, engagement and solidarity, which are the foundations of volunteerism.


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