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2 Ways to check whether Google Search results are safe or not before clicking

Shikha Goyal

Google developed Google Chrome which is a free web browser used for accessing web pages on the internet. Google provides various search results from several sources. The top search results are mostly from some popular sites but there might be some results that are from those sites that you have not heard of before. 

So, are all search results safe to open? What will happen if your data gets stolen after clicking the link? Here, we are providing two ways to check whether the Google search results are safe or not.

Are Google Search results safe or not before clicking

1. Use "About This Result' feature of Google

Recently, Google launched 'About This Result' feature's beta version. This feature will provide a description of the website in Search Results. 

How to use this feature?

- Go to Google Chrome and search for anything.

- Now all the search results will appear in front of you.

- In front of each search result three dots icon will appear; click these three dots icon.

- Here, you will see "About This Result" section on Google.

- With the help of this section, you will come to know more about the link that appeared in your search result. It will also tell you whether it is secure or not.

This is one of the ways to determine whether a website is safe to visit or not.

2. Another feature is Google Chrome Extension

In this method, install a Google Chrome Extension to your browser which automatically checks whether a search result is safe to visit or not.

One such type of extension is WebSecurerr Browser Protection. This will automatically filter and block search results that are dangerous to access.

How to use this feature?

- Search for ‘Chrome Web Store’ on Google.

- Then in the search bar type ‘WebSecurerr Browser Protection’ and press enter.

- Now, click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ button to install the Extension.

- Then, click on ‘Add Extension’ when the prompt appears.

- In this way, the safety extension has been installed on your browser.

It will automatically filter and block all search results that are dangerous to visit or malicious.

So, these are the ways that will help you to ensure that your Google Search Results are safe or not before clicking. 

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