What is Interpol's Red Corner Notice and why is it issued?

International's red Corner notice is a request to locate and provisionally arrest an individual pending extradition. This Red Notice is issued by the General Secretariat at the request of a member country. Be informed that red Corner notice is not an international arrest warrant.

There are 8 types of notices are issued by the Central Secretariat of Interpol, on the request of the National Central Bureau (NCB) and other authorized agencies of the member countries. Red corner Notices are issued for individuals sought for prosecution or to serve a sentence. This notice alert the international police to arrest a suspected/accused person.

When the Red corner Notice is issued against an individual, he is sought for prosecution. It means the individual is suspected of committing a crime but have not yet been prosecuted and so should be considered innocent until proven guilty. Red corner Notice is issued in the four official languages of Interpol i.e. English, French, Arabic and Spanish.

In this article we will read about the most popular red corner notice issued by INTERPOL.

What is Red Corner Notice?
This notice is issued for arrest or extradition of the wanted criminals. Red Corner Notice is a request to find and temporarily arrest a person who has been accused in the criminal case. But the release of the Red Corner Notice does not mean that the person is guilty; he should be declared guilty after the court proceeding.

This type of notice can be issued on the basis of arrest warrant issued by a member country against a criminal by the Principal Secretariat of the INTERPOL. The Red Corner Notice is not an international arrest warrant. Red notice has been issued against Dawood Ibrahim on the request of the Government of India because he is prime suspect in the Mumbai blasts in 1993.

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The INTERPOL can't compel the member country to arrest a person against whom "INTERPOL" has issued a Red Corner Notice. The INTERPOL cannot force a member country to arrest the wanted person. Each member country has the right to decide that what is the legal value of the INTERPOL's notice in its territory.

Does Interpol issue arrest warrant?

No, not at all. Interpol does not issue arrest warrants, but the arrest warrant is issued by a police or court of the country where the offender has committed a crime. Apart from this, an international court can also issue arrest warrant against any wanted person.

INTERPOL issues notice against a criminal only when its constitution allows it. INTERPOL accepts the request of the member countries only when its constitution allows it. Sometimes some countries issue notice against any person for the fulfillment of their political or religious interests. In such a case, the INTERPOL has the right to refuse to issue a red notice against any individual.

Example: INTERPOL had refused to issue red corner notice against Islamic guru Zakir Naik on request of India. The Indian police had demanded red corner notice from INTERPOL without filing a charge sheet against Zakir. Now the CBI has filed the charge sheet against the Zakir and it will file a fresh appeal to INTERPOL for issuing red corner notice against Zakir Naik.

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Why the Red Corner Notice is issued?
Interpol mainly issues 8 types of notices but the Red Corner Notice is issued to arrest a most wanted accused person. T he person against whom the red corner notice is issued is sought after by the police of all the member countries at all the international airports, railway stations, sea routes etc. Photographs of the wanted persons are also pasted at these places.

It is often observed that the offenders leave the country (suppose named A) where they have committed crime and moves to other countries. In such situation, it becomes mandatory for the country A to seek the assistance of the international police to trace/catch the offenders.

So International Police is put on high alert through the red corner notice. If an offender is caught by the police of the member country of INTERPOL; then he is extradited in that country where he/she has committed crime. The accused is prosecuted as per the laws of the destination country.  

India has sought red corner notice from INTERPOL against wanted people like Vijay Mallya, actress Mamta Kulkarni, Lalit Modi, Zakir Naik and Dawood Ibrahim etc.

So we hope that from the above explanation you must have know the reason behind the issuing a red corner notice and the importance of the red corner notice in tracing/capturing the wanted persons.

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