What is National Mission on Libraries?

A book is like a best friend who will never walk away from you. Reading books will introduce new views, ideas and concepts. When technology compliments the equitable and universal access to knowledge resources through digital libraries that will definitely open up the possibility of far more flexible and coherent multimedia collections. The Government of India initiated the national Mission on Libraries to facilitate the internet savvy people in making maximum use of library resources.

What is National Mission on Libraries?

The National Mission on Libraries is an initiative of the Ministry of Culture under the Government of India, works to modernise and digitally link nearly 9,000 libraries across India to provide readers access to books and information. Under the Scheme, the Mission will upgrade infrastructure of selected libraries and upgrade technology in 35 State Central Libraries and 35 District Libraries (to be identified by State Governments) and 6 Libraries under the Ministry of Culture.

Salient features of the National Mission on Libraries

1. This mission is designed for the students, researchers, scientists, professionals, children, artists and differently abled persons.

2. The Government of India appointed the Kolkata-based Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation (RRRLF) as nodal body to implement this mission.

3. Under this mission, the National Virtual Library will be created to facilitate a comprehensive database on digital resources, carry out a census on the resources available in the libraries and conduct a study on the reading habits in different regions of the country.

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Components of the National Mission on Libraries

1. Creation of national Virtual Library of India (NVLI)

2. Setting up of NML model libraries

3. Quantitative and Qualitative Survey of Libraries

4. Capacity Building for revamping the Public Library System & Services

Objectives of the National Mission on Libraries

1. To establish a world class library system, foster reading habits, facilitate research work and provide information to people in a timely and convenient manner which is also universal and equitable.

2. Set up in pursuance of a report of the National Knowledge Commission, which recommended a total revamp of the Library and Information Service sector to serve the changing needs and expectations of the users and give a fillip to the library movement in the country.

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