What is National Mission on Monuments and Antiquities?

India is a land of one of the oldest civilisation in the world and its past heritage and cultural wealth has been the subject of interest of the entire humanity.

Hence, the archaeological sites and remains are managed both by union and state governments; however there are thousands of monuments and sites which are unprotected and in utter state of neglect.

There is a need to make an inventory of those sites nation-wide, which are not protected either by the Centre or the State Governments. In order to develop a national database with a view to enhances access to the students, scholars, researchers and to the general public and preserve it for the posterity.

What is National Mission on Monuments and Antiquities?

The National Mission on Monuments and Antiquities (NMMA) is a pan India mission which has been launched to prepare National Register and set up state level database on built heritage, sites and antiquities, promote awareness and sensitize people about such heritage, extend facility for capacity building and help in synergizing between various organizations on heritage issues.

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Objectives of National Mission on Monuments and Antiquities

1. Documentation and creation of suitable database on built heritage and sites for information and dissemination to planners, researchers etc. and for better management of such cultural resources.

2. Documentation in a uniform format developed by NMMA, of all Antiquities that are available in the form of Registered Antiquities, Catalogued Antiquities with Central as well as State Governments, Private museums and collections, Universities, etc.

3. Promote awareness and sensitize people concerning the benefits of preserving the historical and cultural aspects of built heritage, sites and antiquities.

4. Extend training facility and capacity building to the concerned State Departments, Local bodies, NGOs, Universities, Museums, Local communities etc.

5. Help in developing synergy between institutions like Archaeological Survey of India, State Departments, concerned Institutions and NGOs to generate close interaction.

6. Publication and Research

Hence, we say that the National Mission on Monuments and Antiquities (NMMA) is very good initiative of the Government of India because through this mission the public engagement and awareness for the protection of India’s cultural heritage well be cultivated.

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