National Register of Citizenship (NRC): All You need to know

National Register of Citizenship (NRC)is updated in the Assam state to identify the Bangladeshi foreign nationals. These Bangladeshi had entered into the Assam during the 1971 Bangladeshi war of freedom . So as per this NRC only those persons will be included in the NRC who were the citizens of Assam or their ancestors were from Assam before March 25,1971.

What is National Register of Citizenship (NRC)?

The NRC was first prepared in 1951 to know the citizens, their houses and holdings. The demand to update the NRC in the state is being raised by the All Assam Students Union since 1975.

The Assam accord 1985 promises to detection, deletion name from the electoral rolls and deportation of the Bangladeshi refugees who entered in the state on mid night of March 24, 1971 a day before the Bangladesh war of freedom began.

The Assam has the population of around 33 million. This is the only state which has updated the NRC. The process of NRC began on the order of Supreme Court in 2013. 

Purpose of National Register of Citizenship (NRC)

The basic purpose of NRC update in the Assam is to identify foreign national and Indian nationals.

All Assam Students Union and other citizens of the Assam claims that the Bangladeshi migrants has looted their rights and they are involved in the criminal activities taking place in the state. So these refugees must be deported to their country.

NRC in data:

The government has spent around 1200 cr rupees on the NRC process, 55000 government officials were involved and 64.4 million documents were examined in the whole process.

Who is citizen of Assam?

People who are living in Assam before March 25, 1971 considered as the citizens of Assam. People had to submit a form with any of the 14 ‘List A’ documents to establish family residence before the cut off date and another ‘List B’ docs to establish ties with the ancestor they belongs to.

How the NRC being updated?

If any one wants to see his name in the selected list of the citizens of Assam then they have to submit a form with any ‘List A’ documents to prove his residence in the state before March 25, 1971.

If anybody claims that his/ her ancestors are native residents of the Assam then he/she has to submit a form with any document mentioned in the ‘List B’.

List A documents includes;

1. Electoral rolls upto March 25, 1971

2. NRC of 1951

3. Land and tenancy records

4. Citizenship certificate

5.Permanent resident certificate


7.Bank or LIC documents

8. Permanent Residential Certificate

9.Educational certificates and court order records

10.Refugee Registration Certificate

List B documents includes;

1 .Land documents

2. Board or university certificates

3. Birth certificate

4. Bank/LIC/post office records

5. Ration card

6. Electoral rolls

7. Other legally acceptable documents

8. A circle officer or gram panchayat secretary certificate for married women

Final NRC list released

Assam final NRC list released on 31st August 2019. This list excluded 19,06,657 people while 3.11 crore make it to citizenship list. A total of 3.29 crore people had applied for it.

Does exclusion from the list mean declaration of foreigner?

No; those excluded from the list can apply to the foreigners tribunals which are quasi judicial bodies exists under the 1964 law. These people can appeal to these tribunals within 120 days from the release of the list. 

If anybody is declared foreigner at foreigners tribunals then he/she can approach to the higher courts. If somebody is declared foreigner by the courts then he/she can be arrested in the detention centre. As of July 2019; there are 1,17,164 persons have been declared foreigners out of which 1,145 are in the detention.

So this was the full detail on the National Register of Citizenship (NRC) we have expalined the objectives of the NRC, its process and documents required to prove the citizenship of Assam. This topic is very important for the mains exams of UPSC and other state service commissions.

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