What is the State wise Renewable Energy Potential in India?

After signing the Paris Agreement; the focus of the Indian government has shifted to clean energy. This is the reason that the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, has approved to enhance of the target of Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana (PMUY) from 5 crore to 8 crore with an additional allocation of Rs. 4,800 crore.

As per the data released by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, the total renewable potential of India is 896602 MW out of which 102772 MW is coming from wind energy, 19749 MW from small hydro power, 17536 MW in the form of biomass power, 5000 MW from bio-cogeneration and 748990 MW in the form of solar energy.

India has an estimated renewable energy potential of about 900 GW from commercially exploitable sources i.e. solar power, wind, small hydro and bio-energy.

The table given below provides the detail on state wise renewable energy potential in the country.


        Wind Power  (MW)                      Solar Power (MW)

  Total  power (MW)

 1. Rajasthan  

  5050                                                    142310


 2. Jammu & Kashmir

  5685                                                    111050


 3. Maharashtra

  5961                                                    64320


 4. Gujarat

  35071                                                  35770


 5. Madhya Pradesh

  2931                                                    61660


 6. Andhra Pradesh

  14497                                                  38440


 7.  Karnataka

  13593                                                  24700


 8. Himachal Pradesh  

  64                                                       33840


 9. Tamil Nadu

  14152                                                 17670


 10. Uttar Pradesh

  1260                                                   22830


 11. Odisha

  1384                                                   25780


 12. Telangana

  --                                                       20410


 13. Chhattisgarh

  314                                                     18270


 14. Uttrakhand

  534                                                     16800


 15. Jharkhand

  91                                                       18180


 Important facts related to renewable energy in India:

1. The Indian renewable energy sector is the 2nd most attractive renewable energy market in the world.

2. India ranks 4th in the world in terms of total installed wind power capacity.

3. From January to November 2017; India added around 12 GW of power generation capacity from renewable sources.

4. Total installed renewable energy capacity in India touched 62 GW as of December 2017, which is around 19% of total energy capacity of the country (333 GW).

5. Total solar capacity in India is expected to be 8% of global solar capacity by 2035.

6. Rajasthan is the leader of solar power production and overall renewable energy production in the country followed by the Jammu & Kashmir and Maharashtra with total renewable energy of 118208 MW and 74500 MW respectively.

In the conclusion it can be said that the India is going to find an excellent place in the world in the area of renewable energy and recently held International Solar Alliance summit in New Delhi is the proof of the same.

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