What types of Notices are issued by the INTERPOL?

There are 8 types of notices are issued by the INTERPOL’s General Secretariat at the request of National Central Bureaus (NCBs) and authorized entities. These notices can be published in four official languages of the INTERPOL i.e. English, French, Arabic and Spanish. Basically, INTERPOL Notices are international requests to seek cooperation from the police of all the member countries.
In this article we are giving the detailed information about the types of notices and reason behind their issuance.
The 8 types of notices and their objectives are:
1. Red Corner Notice
This notice is issued to seek the arrest or provisional arrest of wanted criminals, with the intention of extradition of the culprits.
A Red corner Notice is a request to locate and provisionally arrest an individual who is convicted in a criminal case. But just issue of red corner notice does not mean the person is guilty; he should be proven guilty by the court.
It is issued by the General Secretariat at the request of a member country or an international tribunal based on a valid national arrest warrant. A Red corner is not an International arrest warrant.
INTERPOL cannot put pressure on any member country to arrest an individual who is served a Red corner Notice. Each member country is free to decide the value of a Red corner Notice within their borders. This notice is issued against the Dawood Ibrahim on the request of Indian government.

2. Yellow Notice
This notice is issued to locate missing persons, often minors or to seek help in identifying persons who are unable to identify themselves (in case of minors and people of unsound mind).
Yellow notice is a valuable law enforcement tool that can increase the possibility of getting the location of the missing persons. The basic motive behind issuing the yellow notice is to raise global alert to help locate missing persons, or to identify those persons who are unable to identify themselves.
Yellow Notices are published for victims of criminal abductions (kidnappings), parental abductions or unexplained disappearance of the persons.

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3. Blue Notice
This notice is issued to the country the criminal belongs to and to collect more information about a person's identity or activities related to the crime.
Interpol has issued a Blue Corner notice against the former IPL commissioner Lalit Modi. This is an enquiry notice which is issued to locate, identify or obtain information about a person. Now the government of India is seeking a Red Corner Notice against Modi.

4. Black Notice
Black Notice is issued by INTERPOL to seek information of unidentified bodies. Every year, near about 150 black notices are issued by the INTERPOL. Here unidentified bodies mean the dead body of a person whose identity cannot be revealed by police and medical examiners.
5. Purple Notice
This category aids Interpol's efforts to tackle environmental criminals. This notice is issued for those criminals who hunts wild animals and sell their body parts in international market.
6.Green Notice
Green Notice is issued to provide warnings and intelligence about persons who have committed criminal offences and are likely to repeat these crimes in other countries as well. This type of notice is issued to many serial sex offenders.
7. Interpol-United Nations Security Council Special Notice
This type of notice is issued for groups and individuals who are the targets of UN Security Council Sanctions Committees. Interpol has issued over 500 such notices so far. This type of notice is issued to terrorist groups like Lashkar-e-Taiba, Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

8. Orange Notice
This type of Notice is issued to set alert about a person, an object, parcel bombs, disguised weapons and other dangerous and explosive materials; representing a serious and imminent threat to public safety.
In a recent event, a "miracle diet pill" was issued an orange notice by INTERPOL. This pill is responsible for the weight loss of the persons. French health authorities seek this notice from INTERPOL.
So from the above description students must have got the idea that what types of notices are issued by the INTERPOL and what are the reasons behind their issuance.

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