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Why is Sachin Tendulkar not included in the ICC Hall of Fame?

Hemant Singh

In the year 2018, India's famous player Rahul Dravid has been included in the list of "ICC Hall of Fame". Rahul Dravid becomes the 5th Indian to be included in this list. In addition to Rahul, this list includes Ricky Ponting and England's female cricket player Claire Taylor. Thus, in the list of ICC Hall of Fame, 87 cricket players have been included so far.

It is surprising that Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar, has not been included in this list yet. Let us know the reason behind his exclusion from this list.

About the ICC Hall of Fame;
The ICC Cricket "Hall of Fame" has the great personalities of cricket. The ICC releases a list of great players to be included in the "Hall of Fame" every year.

ICC Hall of fame list is released since 2 January 2009 in association with the Federation of International Cricketers' Associations (FICA), as part of the ICC's centenary celebrations.

It is worth to mention that the members of the Hall of Fame assist in the selection of future inductees.

Cricket is considered the game of men; perhaps that is the reason that just 7 women are included out of 87 players.

In 2010, the former England cricket captain "Rachel Flint" became the first woman to join the Hall of Fame list.

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Which country has players in the Hall of fame List

This Hall of Fame list contains 28 players from England and 25 from Australia.

England and Australia have most players in this list because these two are oldest cricket playing countries in the world.

India's players are being included in the hall of fame list from the 2009. Worth to mention that Bishan Singh Bedi, Kapil Dev and Sunil Gavaskar were first Indian players who were included in the hall of fame list in 2009. It is surprising that from Sri Lanka only Muttiah Muralitharan has been included in this list.

The list of Indian players who are inducted in the ICC fame of list is as follows;



Induction year

 1.Bishan Singh Bedi



 2. Kapil Dev



 3. Sunil Gavaskar



 4. Anil Kumble



 5. Rahul Dravid



Why is Sachin not included in the "Hall of Fame" list?

Statistics show that Rahul Dravid, who played his last Test in January 2012, scored 13288 runs in 164 Tests with help of 36 centuries and scored 10889 runs in 344 ODIs, with 12 centuries.

On the other hand Sachin Tendulkar made scored 15,921 runs in 200 Test matches with 51 centuries and in scored 18,426 runs in 463 ODI matches, including 49 centuries.

So above data shows that Sachin Has better records than Dravid then why Sachin is not included in the ICC Hall of Fame?

The reason for this anomaly is that Tendulkar was not eligible for induction into the Hall of Fame.

ICC rules stipulate that for a player to be included into fame list he/she shouldn't have played any international cricket for the past five years. Since Sachin retired from Tests Cricket in November 2013. So Sachin became eligible for inclusion into the list in November 2018 only. Hence he can be included in the ICC Hall of Fame any year.

So the cricket fans need to wait for few months to see the name of Sachin in the ICC Hall of fame. We are hopeful that very soon Sachin will be included in the Hall of Fame as a 6th Indian cricketer.

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