Name of World Bank funded Projects in India

As per the information available on the website of the World Bank, it is funding 13,229 projects in 173 countries of the world. India is not behind in this race and more than 783 projects of India are funded by the World Bank. Apart from this fund, the World Bank has also provided loan of 1776 million dollar in the FY 2017.China got the loan of 2420 million dollar in the same period.

In this article you will read the name of the World Bank funded projects and their cost and date of commencement & completion.

Now let us know about the Projects one by one;

1. Skill India Mission:

Approval Date:                    June 23, 2017

Closing Date:                      March 31, 2023

Total Project Cost:              US $ 3188.88 million    

World Bank Support:           US $ 250 Million

Borrower:                          Department of Economic Affairs

Implementing Agency:       Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship

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2. Clean India Mission

Approval Date:                   December 15, 2015

Closing Date:                      January 31, 2021

Total Project Cost:              US $ 22,000 million

World Bank Support:            US $ 1500 Million

Borrower:                          Government of India

Implementing Agency:        Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation

3. National Ganga River Basin Project

Approval Date:                May 31, 2011

Closing Date:                 December 31, 2019

Total Project Cost:          US $ 1556 million

World Bank Support:       US $ 1000 Million

Borrower:                       Government of India

Implementing Agency:   Ministry of Environment and Forests

4. Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana

Approval Date:                 December 20, 2010

Closing Date:                    December 15, 2020

Total Project Cost:           US $ 1500 million

World Bank Support:        US $ 1500 Million

Borrower:                        Government of India

Implementing Agency:     National Rural Roads Development Agency

5. The National Rural Livelihoods Project

Approval date:                 July 5, 2011

Expiration date:               June 30, 2023

Total Project Cost:           US $ 1171 million

World Bank Support:         US $ 1000 Million

Borrower:                        Government of India

Implementing Agency:     Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India

6. Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS)

Approval date:                  September 6th, 2012

Expiry date:                      August 30th, 2022

Total project cost:             US $ 151.50 million

World Bank Support:         US $ 106 million

Borrower:                          Government of India

Implementing Agency:      Ministry of Women and Child Development

7. National AIDS Control Support Project

Approval Date:                  May 1, 2013

Expiry Date:                      December 31, 2019

Total Project Cost:             US $ 510 million

World Bank Support:           US $ 255 Million

Borrower:                          Government of India

Implementing Agency:       National AIDS Control Organization

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8. India Low-Income Housing Finance  

Approval Date:                      May 14, 2013

Expiration Date:                    December 31, 2018

Total Project Cost:                US $ 100 million

World Bank Support:             US $ 100 Million

Borrower:                             Government of India

Implementing Agency:          National Housing Bank

9. MSME Growth Innovation and Inclusive Finance Project

Approval Date:                    February 24, 2015

Expiration Date:                  March 31, 2020

Total Project Cost:               US $ 550 million

World Bank Support:            US $ 550 million

Borrower:                           SIDBI

Implementing Agency:        SIDBI

10. National Hydrology Project

Approval Date:                       March 15, 2017

Expiration Date:                      March 31, 2025

Total Project Cost:                 US $ 350 million

World Bank Support:               US $ 175 million

Borrower:                               Department of Economic Affairs, Government of India

Implementing Agency:            Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India

11. Uttar Pradesh Pro-Poor Tourism Development Project

Approval date:                     December 20, 2017

Expiry date:                         December 30, 2022

Total project cost:                US $ 57.14 million

World Bank Support:             US $ 40 million

Borrower:                             Government of India

Implementing Agency:         Uttar Pradesh Tourism Department

12. Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor-3

Approval Date:                  June 30, 2015

Expiry Date:                      November 30, 2021

Total Project Cost:             US $ 1107 million

World Bank Support:          US $ 650 Million

Borrower:                          Dedicated Freight Corridor (Limi), India

Implementing Agency:       N / A

13. Atal Bhujal Yojana (Abhay)

Approval Date:                   June 5, 2018

Expiry Date:                        N / A

Total Project Cost:             US $ 1000 million

World Bank Support:          US $ 500 Million

Borrower:                          Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance

Implementing Agency:       The Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation

The projects mentioned above make it clear that the World Bank is playing an important role in India's development plans. Though the World Bank is not funding 100% cost of some projects but still its contribution in the projects is admirable.

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