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World Emoji Day 2021: Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Sayings and more

Shikha Goyal

World Emoji Day 2021: From all over the world people use emojis which is an easier way to convey their messages. And no doubt! the smile that these little digital images bring on our faces is unmatched to any.

Basically, an emoji is the pictograms, logograms, ideograms, and smileys that are used in several electronic messaging formats and also in web pages. It comes in various images, shapes, forms, and colours. The idea behind these emojis is to ease the conveying of messages. 

World Emoji Day 2021: History, New Features of Emojis and Key Facts

World Emoji Day 2021: Quotes 

1. "What makes emojis special is the fact that it has helped millions express themselves better than even the wide array of words in the oxford dictionary." - Nancy Gibbs

2. "Oceans of emotion can be transmitted through a text message, an emoji sequence, and a winking semicolon, but humans are hardwired to respond to visuals." - Jenna Wortham

3. "Every text message is complete with an emoji in it. Every chat is complete with an emoji in it. They have become an integral part of our lives." - Unknown

4.  "I am emoji-heavy as hell. I would use the same emoji 140 times just to communicate how excited I am." - Frankie Grande

5. "My emoji vocabulary is pretty limited to, like, the smiling poop and the rainbow and a unicorn or something." - Bob Morley

6. "Emojis are good to express our emotions in a sticker form." - John McWhorter

7. "I text nonstop, and I love emoji. I’m also on the phone quite a bit for work – probably more than 10 calls per day." - Evan Spiegel

8. "No sooner my kids leave their friends than they start texting them. And it's all in code in a language I totally don't understand." - Bill Engvall

9. "People are hard-pressed for time but they do need to communicate. Emojis are here to help and make it smooth." - John McWhorter

10. "Today's kids aren't taking up arms against their parents; they're too busy texting them." - Nancy Gibbs

World Emoji Day 2021: Messages and Wishes 

1. Now that emojis are so popular and have made texting a lot more convenient, we cannot think of a day without it. Wishing you a very Happy World Emoji Day!

2. Expressions get the best reflection with the help of emojis! Let us take some time and praise this amazing concept of emojis. - Happy World Emoji Day!

3. When words fall short, emojis make up for it and make others feel the same. Wishing you a very Happy World Emoji Day!

4. Every text is accompanied by an emoji. It has made itself integral to the reflection of emotions in texting. Happy World Emoji Day!

5. Today the world seems incomplete without emojis, they are our power to express. Wishing you Happy World Emoji Day!

6. Chatting was never so much of fun until we had emojis to express ourselves in a much better way. Happy World Emoji Day!

7. Words may ruin the relationship and express a lot while emojis can help maintain the balance while reflecting that you have affection! Tricky but true. Wishing you Happy World Emoji Day!

8. Keep calm and use emojis as much as you want! They are free!!!! Happy World Emoji Day!

9. Isn’t it amazing that you can say so much without even writing a letter! Snap of a finger and it’s done. Happy World Emoji Day!

10. Emojis are the rise of casual language and it is a celebration of non-textual conversation at its best. Wishing you Happy World Emoji Day!

11. Emoji is the right choice when you don’t know the word and yet want to respond to the message sent to you. Happy World Emoji Day!

12. You can change your expression faster than ever with all the emojis in your message thread! Happy World Emoji Day!

13. When words fail to say it all, when your voice cannot reach to the people you love, emojis help you say it all.. Wishing you Happy World Emoji Day!

14. Be thankful that emoji came into existence and saved the effort of typing the lengthy replies to all those forwards which are drab. Happy World Emoji Day!

15. It is tough to imagine a moment without emoji, they have become a part and parcel of our daily life. Happy World Emoji Day!

No doubt Emojis are not only the stickers but an emotion. When words fall short, emojis make up for it and make others feel the same. So, celebrate World Emoji Day!

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Who gave approval to emojis?

A list of emojis was published and approved by the Unicode Consortium.

What is the purpose behind celebrating World Emoji Day?

The main purpose of the day is to promote the use of emojis and spread the emoji for the enjoyment that they bring to all of those around us. Emojis are for all of us.

When was first World Emoji Day celebrated?

On 17 July 2014, the first World Emoji Day was celebrated and on 11 July 2014, the first tweet about #WorldEmojiDay was done.

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