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World Heart Day 2021: Theme, History, Significance, Quotes, Wishes, Messages, and more

Shikha Goyal

World Heart Day 2021: Globally, cardiovascular diseases are the most common cause of death. According to World Heart Federation, heart disease and stroke are the world's leading causes of death claiming around 18.6 million lives each year. 

World Heart Day is observed on September 29 to highlight the actions that a person can take to prevent and control cardiovascular disease (CVD). The aim of the day is to educate people by controlling risk factors like tobacco use, unhealthy diet, and physical inactivity, etc. Due to this, at least 80% of premature deaths could be avoided from heart disease and stroke.

World Heart Day 2021: Theme

This year's campaign theme is "Use Heart to Connect." It focuses on an urgent need to find various and innovative ways to connect people to heart health, mainly in lower resource areas and communities. 
The goal of World Heart Day 2021 is to harness the power of digital health to raise awareness, prevention, and management of cardiovascular disease worldwide. Telehealth plays an important role. 
The campaign theme is all about using your knowledge, compassion, and influence. To make sure that you, your loved ones, and the communities of which you are part have the best chance to live heart-healthy lives. It is about connecting with your own hearts and making sure we nurture and fuelling them the best way we can. Also, to use the digital power to connect with every heart, everywhere.

World Heart Day 2021: History

The World Heart Federation (WHF) and World Heart Organisation announced the establishment of World Heart Day in 1999. The idea for this event was conceived by the former President of the World Heart Federation, Antoni Bayes de Luna. 

Until 2011, World Heart Day was observed on the last Sunday in September. World leaders in May 2012, pledged to reduce global mortality from non-communicable diseases (NCDs) by 25% by 2025. 

World Heart Day 2021: Quotes

1. "Heart disease is a food-borne illness.” - Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn

2. “Healthy habits are your heart’s desire.” - Unknown

3. “Do your part, care for your heart.” - Unknown

4. “The problem with heart disease is that the first symptom is often fatal.” - Michael Phelps

5. “The most chronic heart disease is caused by having greediness in your heart. Go for checkups regularly and learn how to swallow those lumpy pills of generosity. Be kind and be healthy” -  Israelmore Ayivor

6. “Live healthy, stay young at heart.” - Unknown

7. "We’re in a situation now where weight and extreme weight and heart disease is the biggest killer in this country today.” - Jamie Oliver

8. “Dietary fat, whether saturated or not, is not a cause of obesity, heart disease or any other chronic disease of civilization.” - Dr. Andrew Weil

9. “The most deadly disease truly is the failure of the heart.” - Oscar Arias

10. "Awareness about heart disease has got to be raised." - Vinnie Jones

World Heart Day 2021: Wishes and Messages

1. The best way to keep your heart in a healthy state is by eating right, sleeping right and not taking stress. Best wishes on World Heart Day!

2. Let us celebrate World Heart Day by going for heart checkups and promising ourselves to eat healthy and live happily. Best wishes on World Heart Day!

3. A happy heart is a healthy heart..Stay happy and live longer! Happy World Heart Day!

4. Neglecting your heart is like neglecting your life.. If you want to life happily and healthy then take care of your heart.. Happy World Heart Day!

5. Today is World Heart Day, the day on which you should say no to smoking.  Happy World Heart Day!

6. Never ignore any problems related to your heart, it can prove to be costly in the future.  Happy World Heart Day!

7. A good heart is something that people get attracted to. Happy World Heart Day!

8. Start taking care of your heart before it falls apart. Happy World Heart Day!

9. Don’t let cardiovascular diseases ruin your life, stay happy and healthy. Happy World Heart Day!

10. Diseases related to the heart can be easily avoided if we follow a healthy lifestyle. Happy World Heart Day!

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