World's Largest Underwater Museum: 10 Amazing Facts

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World's Largest Underwater Museum: 10 Amazing Facts

The Museo Suacuatico De arte is the world's largest underwater Museum. Here, we are giving 10 amazing facts about the World's Largest Underwater Museum, which is located off the coast of Isla Mujeres in Mexico's Riviera Maya that will change the perceptions about museums are boring.

1. The art work of the museum addresses the social issues such as poverty, addiction, capitalism or equal rights (to name a very few) brought forward another new field of artistic expression, where art has become a form of activism.

2. Museum is dedicated for the ecological preservation because it demonstrates the interaction between art and environmental science.

3. It is situated in 28 ft. below the Ocean's surface. Hence, diving and snorkelling is the only way to visit the museum.3.

4. It has 500 permanent life-sized and monumental sculptures and is one of the largest and most ambitious underwater artificial art attractions in the world.

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5. All of the sculptures are fixed to the seabed and made from specialized materials used to promote coral life. The total installations occupy an area of over 420sq. meters of barren substrate and weighing in at over 200 tons.

6. Each sculpture is created by non-toxic, pH neutral marine grade cement which is free from harmful pollutants.

7. The statues of the Museum have holes in them, which allow marine wildlife to colonize and feed off the coral.

Source: Wikipedia

8. Non-swimmer can also explore the museum without getting wet at all through a glass bottom boat.

9. Approximately 750,000 people every year, creating quite a boost for the local economy, but also having a large environmental impact on the coral reef. Ticket cost about Rs. 4000 for a two hour tour.

10. According to the Forbes magazine, it is one of the "World's Most Unique Travel Destinations".

The Mexican Caribbean water not only known for the Great Mayan Reef which second largest barrier reef in the world, but also the host of the World's largest underwater museum.

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