What is the difference between Facial Recognition and Facial verification?

Singapore became the World's first country to use Facial Verification in National Identification Database and the function is known as “SingPass Face Verification”. All the online government services in Singapore can now be accessed by facial recognition. Let us have a look at it in detail and also the difference between facial recognition and facial verification.
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Difference between Facial Recognition and Facial verification
Difference between Facial Recognition and Facial verification

Online government services can now be accessed in Singapore by facial recognition and so, it becomes the world's first country to use this technology in National Identification Database and the function is known as “SingPass Face Verification” 

What is SingPass?

Currently, Singapore has an advanced digital identity program known as "SingPass". It allows users to verify their identities online and transact with several government agencies and particularly private sector entities like banks and healthcare institutions.

Residents, in total, can access no less than 400 online services that range from public housing to gaining access to tax returns. For accessing SingPass, a password is required.

As we know that Singapore is a world leader in wireless connectivity. Nowadays, biometric facial recognition is one of the most demanded identification solutions for online or digital identity verification.

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What is Face Recognition?

It is a technology that is capable of identifying or verifying a subject through an image, video, or any audiovisual element of his or her face. Basically, this identification is used to access an application system or service. 

It is a biometric identification method that uses body measures as during this case face and head to verify the identity of an individual through its facial biometric pattern and data. 

Or we can say that the technology has a set of unique biometric data of each person associated with their face and facial expression which helps to identify, verify, or authenticate a person.

Facial recognition technology with biometrics helps to map facial features to verify identities, delving into the geometry of an individual's face. For example, it measures the distance between a person's eyes and the distance from their forehead to their chin. These metrics generate "facial signature" which is compared to a database of known facial signatures.

Difference between Facial recognition and Facial verification

Both the technology depends on scanning a subject face and matching it with an image in an existing database to establish their identity.

But the key difference is that verification needs the explicit consent of the user and the user gets something in return like access to their phone or their bank's smartphone app. While Facial recognition technology might scan the face of everyone in a train station, and alert the authorities if a wanted criminal walks past a camera. 

Therefore, Face recognition has all sorts of social implications. In simple language, we can say that Face recognition technology, with CCTV, is scanning the crowds and matching faces against a database of known or suspected criminals. Also, you did not know if or when face recognition is being carried out on you. 

Face verification technology confirms that your physical face matches with the ID document, that you simply are real, and completing this application immediately. And you know that facial verification is being done. So, you choose to do it.

Facial Recognition benefits

SingPass Face Verification will be dubbed with this new function and let users connect securely to government websites and also online services on private websites. 

The function is to designed to work through home computers, tablets, and cell phones, as well as at public kiosks.
It can be used to access other online services like banking.

As per the Singapore authorities, the technology will help to ensure that the right person is genuinely present in front of the screen, rather than photography, a video, a replayed recording, or a deepfake.

Therefore face recognition and face verification are quite different and the two should be treated differently.

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