Do you know about the India’s National Water Mission

Dec 28, 2018 09:33 IST
National Water Mission

The National Water Mission is one the eight missions of the Government of India which was launched under the National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) for combating the threats of global warming.

Salient Features of the National Water Mission

1. Review of National Water Policy

2. Research and studies on all aspects related to impact of climate change on water resources including quality aspects of water resources

3. Expeditious implementation of water resources projects particularly the multipurpose projects with carry over storages

4. Promotion of traditional system of water conservation

5. Intensive programme for ground water recharge in over-exploited areas

6. Incentivize for recycling of water including wastewater

7. Planning on the principle of integrated water resources development and management

8. Ensuring convergence among various water resources programmes

9. Intensive capacity building and awareness programme including those for Panchayati Raj Institutions, urban local bodies and youths

10. Sensitization of elected representatives of over exploited area on dimensions of the problem and to orient investment under NREGA towards water conservation

Do you know about the National Mission for A Green India

Goals of the National Water Mission

The India's National Water Mission enshrined five goals which are given below:

1.  Comprehensive water data base in public domain and assessment of the impact of climate change on water resource,

2. Promotion of citizen and state actions for water conservation, augmentation and preservation

3.  Focused attention to vulnerable areas including over-exploited areas

4.  Increasing water use efficiency by 20%

5.  Promotion of basin level integrated water resources management

Objective of the National Water Mission

1. To conserve water

2. To minimise the wastage of the water

3. To ensure equitable distribution across the country and within States through integrated water resources management

The National Water Mission is well formulated document to tackle the affects of the global warming that has resulted in the intensification of temporal and spatial variations in precipitation, snow melt and water availability.

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