What is E-Yuva Scheme by BIRAC?

E-Yuva Scheme by BIRAC aims at promoting applied research and need-oriented entrepreneurial innovation among young students and researchers.
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E-Yuva Scheme by BIRAC
E-Yuva Scheme by BIRAC

Empowering Youth for Undertaking Value Added Innovative Translational Research (E-Yuva) is a scheme by Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) to promote applied research and need-oriented entrepreneurial innovation among young students and researchers.

E-Yuva provides funding support, technical and business mentoring, orientation to an entrepreneurial culture and so forth to students at various levels. 

Categories of E-Yuva scheme:

The scheme provides support under two categories:

1- BIRAC’s Innovation Fellows (for postgraduates and above)

2- BIRAC’s E-Yuva Fellows (for undergraduate students)

How the scheme is implemented?

The scheme is implemented through E-YUVA Centers (EYCs) which are housed within the university or institute set up and mentored by a BIRAC BioNEST supported bio-incubator.

It is important to note that every EYC has a BIRAC supported pre-incubation space, offering infrastructure and equipment for basic research and experiment by selected students. 

E-Yuva Centers:

What is the Eligibility of EYCs?

Any university or institution (public or privately owned) which is established as a legal entity with at least 51% of Indian stakeholders is eligible to apply. 

In addition to the above, the applicant organization must have a Department in Life Sciences stream for technical assistance. The university or institution must be at least 3 years old and must have an innovation supporting body such as E-cell or IP cells. 

Furthermore, the applicant organization must have a network of experts for technical or business mentorship to fellows along with Bio-incubator. 

What are the roles and responsibilities of EYCs?

The roles and responsibilities of the EYCs are as follows:

1- To view and process fellowship applications received online.

2- To carry out Technical Review of eligible applicants online with the help of Subject Experts. 

3- To shortlist the applicants for Face to Face or Skype or Telephonic interview by an Expert Panel.

4- To communicate decision at each step of selection to the applicants and seek BIRAC approval on the final selection of fellows. 

5- To issue fellowship award letter to the selected candidates on behalf of BIRAC and release fellowship and research grant received from BIRAC. 

6- To provide mentorship, monitor the targeted milestones, and organize periodic meetings. 

7- To provide opportunities to fellows for interaction with experts, periodic updates and reports on the progress of Fellows to BIRAC. 

8- To conduct entrepreneurial workshops or any other activity required for effective implementation of fellowships on mutual consent with BIRAC. 

What are the criteria for selection of E-Yuva Centers?

The BIRAC EYC committee will select the new centers taking the below-mentioned criteria into consideration:

1- Dedicated space and relevant infrastructure that is ready for use. 

2- Experience in conducting innovation or entrepreneurial programs. 

3- Total number of startups in the field of biotech or any other area formed by the students. 

4- Total number of industry projects handled. 

5- Grants received or raised for supporting innovations.

6- Accessibility to experts or mentors on the subjects.

7- Commitment from Head of the applicant organization to support the scheme.

8- Availability of IP, regulatory, business support to the fellows.

9- Connects with bio incubators and other organizations actively promoting Entrepreneurship. 

NOTE: BIRAC encourages applications from Tier-II or Tier-III cities for E-Yuva Centers. 

What is the selection process of EYCs?

Below-mentioned is the selection process of EYCs:

1- EYC Committee will be responsible for the evaluation and selection process on the basis of the aforementioned parameters.

2- The shortlisted applicants will be called for presentation at BIRAC, followed by a site visit or direct consideration.

3- In the case of a site visit, the recommendations made by the site visit committee would be present to the EYC committee chair for the final decision on funding.

4- Once recommended for funding, GLA will be inked with the applicant after financial due diligence.

What is the tenure of EYCs?

The E-Yuva Centers will be engaged for an initial period of 3 years which can be further extended on the basis of the annual performance review. 

How much financial support will be provided to the EYCs?


Financial Support to EYCs Year 1 (Rs. in lakhs) Year 2 (Rs. in lakhs) Year 3 (Rs. in lakhs) Total (Rs. in lakhs)
A. Non-recurring Head (Creating pre-incubation space)
Refurbishing Cost 10 0 0 10
Equipment Cost  30 0 0 30
Sub Total (A) 40 0 0 40
B. Recurring Head
4 Workshops ( @ 1 lakh each) 4 4 4 12

Manpower for EYC (@5%
increase/ yr)
Coordinator – 1 (@ Rs. 75,000)
Project assistant –1 (@ Rs. 25,000)
Office assistant – 1 (@ Rs. 15,000)

13.8 14.49 15.21 43.5
Travel for EYC staff 1 1 1 3
Outreach, publications, etc. 1 1 1 3
Honorarium for conducting review meetings 1 1 1 3
Contingency 1 1 1 3
Sub Total (B) 21.8 22.49 23.21 67.5
Total Support (A+B) 61.8 22.49 23.21 107.5

What areas will be covered under BIRAC's Innovation and E-Yuva Fellowship proposals?

BIRAC's Innovation and E-Yuva Fellowship proposals can be submitted through application in any domain such as Healthcare, Lifesciences, Diagnostics, Medical Devices, Drugs, Vaccines, Drug Formulations and delivery systems, Industrial Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Agriculture, Secondary agriculture, Waste Management, Sanitation, Clean Energy and Artificial Intelligence/IoT/ Automation that can help conversion of innovative ideas into biotech products and technologies. 

BIRAC's Innovation Fellows:

What are the eligibility criteria for BIRAC's Innovation Fellows?

The eligibility criteria for BIRAC's Innovation Fellows are mentioned below:

1- An Indian student who has completed his Masters or Ph.D. degree in any stream is eligible to apply. However, Ph.D. candidates must apply within 2 years of completion of degree while the Masters candidates should apply within 3 years of completion of the degree. 

It is to be noted that the female candidates are exempted from the aforementioned conditions. 

2- It is mandatory for BIRAC's innovation fellows to work full time at EYC. 

3- The students who are pursuing Ph.D shall not be considered for the fellowship grant. 

4- During the fellowship tenure, the selected students cannot pursue a Ph.D. 

What is the nature of research supported?

The nature of research supported are as follows:

1- Translational research proposals to develop innovative products and technologies having the potential to address unmet needs. 

2- The proposals having the potential to commercialize innovative products and technologies will be considered-- BIRAC's Innovation Fellows are required to initiate biotech startups. 

What is the number and duration of Fellowship?

1- Each E-Yuva Center can have only 3 innovation fellows at any given point in time. 

2- The fellowship is provided for a period of 18 months with a provision of 6 months extension only for deserving cases.

How much support is provided to fellows under the scheme?

BIRAC's Innovation Fellows will receive a fellowship grant and annual research grant as mentioned below:

Fellowship grant:

1- Post-graduate fellow: Rs. 30,000 per month
2- Post-doctoral fellow: Rs. 50,000 per month

Annual research grant:

1- Post-graduate fellow: Rs. 2,00,000 per year
2- Post-doctoral fellow: Rs. 5,00,000 per month

BIRAC's E-Yuva Fellows:

What are the eligibility criteria for BIRAC's E-Yuva Fellows?

The eligibility criteria for BIRAC's E-Yuva Fellows are mentioned below:

1- A team of students (up to 5) from Indian universities or institutions under graduation in any domain are eligible for BIRAC's E-Yuva Fellows.

2- The team should be supported by a mentor or guide. 

3- The team must apply through an E-cell of a college or institute. If the team comprises students from different colleges or institutes, each member's college or institute must have an E-cell. 

The E-Yuva fellows shall pursue their research work at their university or institute labs and will also be allowed to access facilities at EYC and EYC Knowledge Partners. 

What is the nature of the proposals supported?

The proposals must (a) be original (b) apply interdisciplinary knowledge (c) aim at the development of innovative Biotech products or technologies having societal or commercial potential. 

What is the number and duration of the fellowship?

1- Each EYC will support up to 5 teams comprising of up to 5 students each year.

2- Fellowship is provided for a period of 12 months.

How much support is provided to fellows under the scheme?

BIRAC’s E-Yuva Fellows will receive a quarterly stipend and annual research grant as mentioned below:

1- Quarterly stipend: Rs. 7,500 per quarter per student of the team.

2- Annual research grant: Rs. 2,50,000 per team in two instalments (The first instalment will be 75% while the second instalment will be 25%). 

It is to be noted that the stipend is released in a student's account, subject to Mentor's approval. The annual research grant is released in two instalments to the institute's account and is managed by the mentor or guide. 

What is the application and selection process for both the categories of fellowships?

The application and selection process for both categories of fellowships are as follows:

1- The applications will be invited at the national level through advertisements and will be submitted online through BIRAC portal. 

2- The applicant will be asked to indicate up to three choices for EYCs. 

3- The list of the applicants will be created Center-wise and sent to respective Centers for eligibility check and further evaluation. 

4- The shortlisted applicants will be called for a presentation before the Technical Expert Committee at respective EYCs. 

5- The selected applicants will be called BIRAC's E-Yuva Fellows & BIRAC's Innovation Fellows and will enter into an agreement with EYC.

It is to be noted that Intellectual Property (IP) generated during the fellowship program will solely rest with the innovators. 

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