Father’s Day 3rd Sunday of June: History and Significance

Father's Day is celebrated every year on the third Sunday of June to honour the journey of fatherhood and the role that father's play in the family structure and society. Father's Day is celebrated on different days in various countries. Let us read about the history of father's day, significance and how it is celebrated.
Jun 15, 2019 15:14 IST
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Father’s Day 3rd Sunday of June: History and Significance
Father’s Day 3rd Sunday of June: History and Significance

Father's Day recognise the contributions that father make to the lives of their children. This day celebrates the male parenting. In several countries like USA, Canada, UK, France, India, China, Japan, Philippines and South Africa Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. However, this day is also celebrated on other days like in Russia it is celebrated on 23rd February, 19 March in Spain, first Sunday of June in Switzerland, second Sunday of June in Austria and Belgium, 21st June in Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and Syria, first Sunday of September in Australia, New Zealand etc.

Father’s Day: History

Origin of Father's Day dates back to many years and the origin can be considered from two stories.

According to the first story, in 1910, during a Mother's Day church service a person named Sonora Smart Dodd from Washington suggested that like mother even fathers should be honoured equally that is the love that we give to our mothers and celebrate Mother’s Day similarly Father's Day should also be celebrated. She said this because she had lost her mother when she was 16 and his father had taken care of her and her other 5 siblings. He father was an American Civil War Veteran. She went and approached the Spokane's Ministerial Association and asked them to declare Father's Day on 5 June because that day was her father's birthday. Also, they have proposed an idea of celebrating Father's Day on third Sunday of June every year. In Spokane, Washington the first Father's Day was observed on 19 June, 1910. This became an annual event at Spokane. The concept soon picked in various towns. And as a result in 1913, the first bill was introduced in the Congress, suggesting Father's Day should be considered as national holiday. The bill was passed in 1972 and officially Father's Day was established when President Nixon declared the Father's Day as an official celebration on every third Sunday of June.

The second story talks about Father's Day origin as Grace Golden Clayton wanted to establish Father’s Day for those children who had lost their fathers in a mine explosion. This mishappening took the lives of around 360 men in the town. She wanted that there should be a day for the children to honour and remember their fathers. This happened in 1908 and till then Father's Day was not yet established. But yes we can say that the concept for celebrating Father's Day can be traced from here. Hence, the Father's Day was established and became an international event after the proposal of Sonara Smart Dodd as discussed above.

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Father's Day 2019: Significance

As Mother's are considered birth givers who take care of the family and nurture their children. Similarly, Father’s are the support system of the family. They are the heroes of the family, a pillar of confidence and no doubt a shoulder to cry on at the time of need. Father's are the backbone of the family. They play a big role in the life of children in making life discipline, giving ethics and in providing guidance at every point possible. Father's struggle whole day and make life of their children,  provide all the things that children demand but never show what they do for their children whole day. This day celebrates the male parenting. No doubt as much as mothers are important fathers too are an important part of the family. This day has a lot of significance which everything can't be explained in words. So, take time for your father's and make them feel special and yes don't forget to wish them.

Father's Day 2019: Celebrations

This day is dedicated to all fathers, grandfathers and forefathers, their numerous sacrifices and imparting moral values. Father's love has no boundaries and it gives immense strength to their children. On this day, families gather together and celebrate, go out for dinner, children give gifts to their father's. In various schools and organisations several activates are done to make children learn the importance of father's role in their lives.

So, it is not wrong to say that father's set an example for their children by doing hard work and accomplish their big feats, requirements and also the way they remain calm even during tough times. This day provide an opportunity for the children to show their love and care for fathers. It is a fact that father's mostly are reserved in the sense that they are not much vocal about their love for children and also don't believe to show or display love. So, this day is to give lot of affection, love and care to your father.
Happy Father's Day!

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