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    GK Quiz on Minimum Support Price (MSP)

    Take a look at the questions and answers based on Minimum Support Price (MSP) in India and its uses, benefits etc. The quiz would be helpful for all the candidates who are to appear for various exams like UPSC, SSC and Bank PO. Go through the quiz below.
    Created On: Sep 8, 2021 18:32 IST
    Modified On: Sep 9, 2021 10:08 IST
    Minimum Support Price Quiz
    Minimum Support Price Quiz

    Take the following quiz based on Minimum Support Price. The Government of India has recently hiked the MSP for various Rabi crops. The questions below would help you judge your knowledge on this topic. 

    1. In which year was the concept of MSP introduced in India?
    1. 1966
    2. 1950
    3. 1947
    4. 2000

    Ans. a

    Explanation: The concept of Minimum Support Price was first introduced for wheat in 1966-67. 

    1. How much is the MSP for wheat in 2021?
    1. Rs 2000 per quintal
    2. Rs 2015 per quintal
    3. Rs 1000 per quintal
    4. Rs 4000 per quintal

    Ans. b

    EXplanation: The Government of India has recently hiked the minimum support price for wheat by Rs 40 making it INR 2015 per quintal now. 

    1. For how many crops does the Government fix the MSP for in India currently?
    1. 21
    2. 22
    3. 23
    4. 25

    Ans. c

    Explanation: Currently, the government fixes MSPs for 23 crops grown in both kharif and rabi seasons.

    1. The minimum support price is 
    1. The price at which farmers sell their crops to the food business companies
    2. The price at which the people of the place can buy crops from farmers
    3. The price at which the Government buys grains from the farmers
    4. The price at which the crops can be exported

    Ans. c

    Explanation: MSP is the rate at which the government buys the grain from farmers.

    1. Which month does the Rabi season begin?
    1. January
    2. June 
    3. October
    4. March

    Ans. c

    Explanation: The Rabi crops are sown in the month of October, basically the mid of the month. 

    1. What is the recent MSP of the mustard crop fixed by the Government of India?
    1. ₹ 2000 per quintal
    2. ₹ 5050 per quintal
    3. ₹ 5000 per quintal
    4. ₹ 2980 per quintal

    Ans. b

    Explanation: The Government has hiked the mustard price by INR 400 to make it ₹5,050 per quintal

    1. Who fixes the Minimum Support Price for the crops?
    1. Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs
    2. Parliament of India
    3. Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices
    4. NITI Ayog

    Ans. a

    Explanation: The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs based on the recommendations of CACP fixes the MSP. 

    1. Which of the following is not a Kharif Crop?
    1. Guar
    2. Jowar
    3. Mustard
    4. Paddy

    Ans. c

    Explanation: Mustard is a Rabi crop and not a Kharif crop.

    1. Which among the following is a Rabi crop?
    1. Barley
    2. Gram 
    3. Masoor 
    4. All of the above 

    Ans. d

    Explanation: Rabi  crops include crops like barley, wheat, gram, safflower, lentils including masoor etc. 

    1. In which of the following months is the Kharif crop harvested?
    1. August
    2. June
    3. October
    4. January

    Ans. c

    Explanation: Kharif crops are sown in the first rains that is in the month of July and are harvested around October. 

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