GK Quiz on Quad Group or Quadrilateral Security Dialogue:  Test your knowledge

Quad Group or Quadrilateral Security Dialogue: Test your knowledge by taking the GK Quiz based on Quad and its member countries below. The quiz is important for various candidates preparing for competitive exams.
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GK Quiz on QUAD
GK Quiz on QUAD

Quad Group has been in news ever since the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi went on a visit to the US. There her would also be attending the AUKUS meeting. Quad is a security alliance between four countries including India. Answer the following questions on it below. 

  1. Which countries are NOT included in the Quad Group?
  1. United States of America
  2. Australia
  3. Russia
  4. India

Ans. c

Explanation: The Quad group comprises Australia, US, India and Japan. It does not include Russia. 

  1. Which of the following leaders was not present at the time initiation of Quad?
  1. Shinzo Abe
  2. Dick Cheney
  3. Narendra Modi
  4. John Howard

Ans. c

Explanation: The Prime Minister of India at the time of Quad's initiation was Manmohan Singh. 

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  1. Which country withdrew from QUAD taking it to cessation?
  1. Japan
  2. India
  3. USA
  4. Australia

Ans. d

Explanation: The Quad ceased following the withdrawal of Australia during Kevin Rudd’s tenure as prime minister.

  1. When the QUAD resumed in 2010, the US Marines were placed near which island of Australia?
  1. Coco islands
  2. Darwin
  3. New Guinea
  4. None of the above 

Ans. b

Explanation: US Marines were placed near Darwin, Australia, overlooking the Timor Sea and Lombok Strait.

  1. Which of the following was included in the Spirit of Quad statement released by member countries?

i) Shared vision for a Free and Open Indo-Pacific

ii) Vision for rules-based maritime order in the East and South China Sea

  1. Only i
  2. Only ii
  3. Both i and ii
  4. None of the above 

Ans. c

Explanation: In a joint statement in March 2021, "The Spirit of the Quad," the Quad members described "a shared vision for a Free and Open Indo-Pacific," and a "rules-based maritime order in the East and South China Seas

  1. Which of the new alliances is being speculated to be the end of Quad partnership in 2021?
  1. AUKUS
  2. BRICS
  3. ASEAN 
  4. None of the above 

Ans. a

Explanation: People and leaders around the world are speculating that the liaison between Australia and the US along with the UK, AUKUS is the end of Quad. 

  1. Which of the following were included in the Quad Plus meeting held recently?
  1. Australia, New Zealand and South Korea
  2. South Korea, New Zealand, Philippines
  3. New Zealand, South Korea and Vietnam
  4. Thailand, Vietnam, Australia

Ans. c

Explanation: Quad Plus meeting included representatives from New Zealand, South Korea and Vietnam to work on its response to it

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  1. What is the name of the military exercise carried out by the Quad members?
  1. Ekuverin
  2. Indra
  3. Malabar
  4. Hand in Hand

Ans. c

Explanation: The Quad nations carry out the military exercise in the name of Malabar. 

  1. Which countries are divided by the nine dash line?
  1. People's Republic of China and PRC Taiwan
  2. Afghanistan and Pakistan
  3. Afghanistan and Iran
  4. India and Myanmar

Ans. a

Explanation: The nine-dash line refers to the demarcation line used by the People's Republic of China (China) and the Republic of China (Taiwan) claiming their parts of South China Sea. 

  1. Which country diplomatically protested against the formation of Quad?
  1. USA
  2. China
  3. Russia
  4. North Korea

Ans. b

Explanation: China sent diplomatic protests to all four members of the Quadrilateral before any formal convention of its members.

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