International Organizations 20

General Knowledge Lists: The list of International Organizations.
Nov 11, 2011 13:49 IST
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  Following is the list of International Organizations:



S.No. International Organization  Headquarter  Year of Establishment
1 National Organization For Rare Disorders (NORDS) Danbury Connecticut, United States 1983
2 National Environment Education Foundation United States 1990
3 National Sleep Foundation Washington, D.C. 1990
4 Observatory on South American Policies (OPSA)
Rio de Janeiro -  Brazil 2003
5 Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries
 Vienna -  Austria
6 Organization for Democracy and Economic Development
 Kiev -  Ukraine  2006
7 Organization of African Unity (OAU)
Addis-Ababa -  Ethiopia
8 Organization of American States
Washington DC -  United States of America 1898 (founded)
9 Organization of the Islamic Conference
 Jeddah -  Saudi Arabia
10 Organisation Commune Africaine et Mauricienne (OCAM) Bangui in the Central African Republic 1961(founded)